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2013 - 2014
Organized by: Bjoern Penning, Yasu Okumura and John Alison
Sep 9HEP 323 Laser-Driven Acceleration
Sep 18HEP 323 Boosted Heavy Particles
David Wardrope
Sep 30HEP 323 General Discussion
Mikhail Solon
Oct 7HEP 323 CHIPS: Water Cherenkov Detectors in the FNAL neutrino beams
Jennifer Thomas
Oct 14HEP 323 Higgs-Motivated Search Strategies for Supersymmetry at CMS
Benjamin Hooberman
Oct 21HEP 323 Super Luminous Supernovae
Emmanouil Chatzopoulos
Oct 28HEP 323 Hermetic Packaging of the LAPPD and Fast Timing Implications for Neutrino-less Double-Beta Decay Searches
Andrey Elagin
Nov 4HEP 323 ANNIE
Matt Wetstein
Nov 11HEP 323 Differential Top Xsec Measurements by CMS and ATLAS
Tyler Dorland
Nov 18HEP 323 Symmetries of the Primordial Universe
Austin Joyce
Nov 20HEP 323 Light Dark Matter Searches with Liquid Xenon Detectors
Juan Collar
Nov 25HEP 323 Atomic Layer Deposition for Fundamental Research and Applications
Anil Mane
Dec 9HEP 323 Probing Partons with W Asymmetries at DZero
Hang Yin
Jan 13HEP 323 Recent CMS Measurements of W-Boson Production and Implications for Light Parton Distributions Functions
Ping Tang
Jan 27HEP 323 Exotic Higgs Decays
Brian Batel
Feb 3HEP 323 The Dark Energy Survey - Early Science and Prospects
Marcelle Soares-Santos
Feb 10HEP 323 Light Sterile Neutrinos and a Proposal for a New Detector
Dave Schmitz
Feb 17HEP 323 Improved Calculations Dramatically Expand the Number of Exoplanets in the Habitable Zone
Jung Yang
Feb 24HEP 323 Neutrino Oscillation Results from the T2K Experiment
Kei Ieki
Mar 3HEP 323 Snowmass 2013
Jon Rosner
Mar 10HEP 323 Top Quark Measurements at LHC and Tevatron and Their Implications
Andreas Jung
Stepanie Wissel
Mar 31HEP 323 Observations of S-Channel Single-Top-Quark Production at the Tevatron
Matteo Cremonesi
Apr 7HEP 323 Dark Side
Luca Grandi
Apr 14HEP 323 The Characterization of the Gamma-Ray Signal from the Central Milky Way: A Compelling Case for Annihilating Dark Matter
Tim Linden
Apr 21HEP 323 Water-Based Liquid Scintillator and Gd Loading
Minfang Yeh
Apr 28HEP 323 Recent Work on di-Higgs Decays from BSM Scalars
May 5HEP 323 Recent Results and Outlook for T2K
Hiroshisa Tanaka
May 12HEP 323 A Specialized Processor for Track Reconstruction at the LHC Crossing Rate
Diego Tonelli
May 19HEP 323 Micro Pattern Gas Detectors and Highlights from the Recent Linear Collider Workshop
Maxim Titov
Jun 2HEP 323 Discussion of Recent P5 Report
Jun 9HEP 323 Probing the Higgs Sector from the Top
Aurelio Rozas
Jun 16HEP 323 Initiatives with Effective Field Theory and lattice QCD, and implications for neutrino measurements, DM searches, and more.
Richard Hill

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