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2014 - 2015

Organized by: John Alison and Joseph Zennamo
Sept 29HEP 323 Precision Electroweak Tests for New Physics Using Ultracold Neutrons
Kevin Hickerson
Oct 6HEP 323 Coherence Conversion for Femtosecond X-ray Spectroscopy with Nanosecond X-rays and a Slow Detector
Bernhard W. Adams
Oct 13LASR 162 Effective Theories and Dark Matter: Five Easy Pieces
Richard Hill
Oct 20HEP 323 CALICE: calorimetry reinvented
José Repond
Oct 27HEP 323 No Scheduled Speaker
Please still come by for a discussion, topic to be determined
Nov 3HEP 323 Experimental Studies of di-Higgs
John Alison
Nov 10HEP 323 Particle-Level Pileup Removal
Matt Low
Nov 17HEP 323 Photocathode R & D at Cornell University
Luca Cultrera
Nov 24HEP 323 Naturalness and the Higgs Boson
Andrea Tesi
Dec 8HEP 323 Theory Talk
Jon Rosner
Jan 5HEP 323 An overview of optical Beam Loss Monitors at the Australia Synchrotron
Paul Jackson
Jan 20HEP 323 SNO+
Matt Strait
Jan 26HEP 323 Fast CMOS Oscilloscope-On-Chip & an Optical Time Projection Chamber
Eric Oberla
Feb 2HEP 323 Physics with High Energy Gamma Ray
Andrew McCann
Feb 9HEP 323 Recent SBN Physics Proposal
Joseph Zennamo
Feb 16HEP 323 Measuring Higgs Properties at ATLAS
Jordan Webster
Feb 23HEP 323 Dynamical Pion Collapse and the Coherence of Conventional Neutrino Beams
Ben Jones
Mar 2HEP 323 Nuclear structure foundations of neutrinoless double beta decay
Ben Kay
Mar 9HEP 323 Cutting into Higgs pairs
Ahmen Ismail
Mar 16HEP 323 Fast Track Finding at the LHC--How and Why
John Alison
Mar 23HEP 323 G-2 Experiment
Joseph Grange
Mar 30HEP 323 The strong CP problem at the LHC
Anson Hook
Apr 6HEP 323 SeaQuest
Brian Tice
Apr 13HEP 323 CDF after the Tevatron
Konstantinos Vellidis
Apr 20HEP 323 mono-Z'
Tongyan Lin
Apr 27HEP 323 No speaker
May 4HEP 323 Steve Magill
May 7HEP 323 David Saltzberg
May 11HEP 323 Stealth SUSY searches at CMS
Ben Carlson
May 18HEP 323 Top-Quark Physics at the Tevatron and the LHC
Andreas Jung
Jun 1HEP 323 Higgs to tau tau searches
Alex Tuna
Jun 8HEP 323 Latest Minerva Results
Laura Fields
Jun 15HEP 323 Medical Imaging Techniques
Fritz DeJongh

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