Enrico Fermi Institute

HEP Lunch Seminar


Sep 17 Twisted Higgs Phenomenology at Hadron Colliders

Michel Herquet, Université Catholique de Louvain
Sep 24 A High Resolution TOF Counter - A Way To Compete With A RICH Detector?

Jerry Va'vra, SLAC
Oct 1 Z Cross Section at D0

Heidi Schellman, Northwestern University
Oct 19 The Cockcroft Institute in the UK and Emerging Accelerator Initiatives

Swapan Chattopadhyay, Cockroft Institute
Oct 22 ATLAS Update

Jim Pilcher, University of Chicago
Oct 29 Pseudo Chern-Simons Terms in the Standard Model and the MiniBoone Excess

Jeff Harvey, University of Chicago
Nov 5 100 Picosecond TDC's

Yau Wah, University of Chicago
Nov 12 A Measurement of the Top Quark Width

Jahred Adelman, University of Chicago
Nov 19 Top Compositeness at the Tevatron and LHC

Jing Shu, University of Chicago
Dec 3 A Charged Higgs Study in ATLAS

Andre Sopczak, University of Lancaster
Dec 10 Global Search for New Physics at CDF

Georgios Choudalakis, MIT
Dec 17 Results on Mixing, Delta Gamma_s and Related CP Violation in the B_s Meson System at D0

Dmitri Tsybychev, SUNY Stony Brook
Jan 7 The QUIET Experiment for CMB Polarization Measurement

Akito Kusaka, University of Chicago
Jan 14 The Search for the SM Higgs Boson at D0

Andrew Haas, Columbia University
Jan 28 Very Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments

Mark Dierckxsens, University of Chicago
Feb 4 Gamma to milli-eV Particle Search

William Wester, Fermilab
Feb 18 Signatures of a Higgs Decaying Into Two Scalars at Hadron Colliders

Carlos Wagner, University of Chicago
Mar 3 Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions

Kathy-Anne Brickman, University of Chicago
Mar 24 The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter and Using it to do Physics with Electrons and Photons

Colin Jessop, University of Notre Dame
Mar 31 Phenomenology of the Standard Model in Six Dimensions

Ayres Freitas, University of Pittsburgh
April 7 Top Quark and SM Higgs Masses

Nikolaos Giokaris, University of Athens
April 14 DR21 Main: A Collapsing Cloud

Larry Kirby, University of Chicago
April 21 Search for the Standard Model Higgs with H->tau tau at CDF

Kohei Yorita, University of Chicago
April 28 Granular Jets as a Classical Analog of RHIC Collisions

Xiang Cheng, University of Chicago
May 5 The SciBooNE Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab

Hide-Kazu Tanaka, Columbia University
May 12 CKM Constraints From Dalitz Analyses of B->K pi pi

Michael Gronau, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
May 19 Adventures in Exclusive Photons

Maxim Goncharov, Texas A&M University
June 2 First Hints of New Physics in Flavor?

Enrico Lunghi, Fermilab
June 9 Toward a Precise W Mass Measurement at D0

Junjie Zhu, SUNY Stony Brook
June 16 Higgs Produced With Z's: CDF Tricks of the Trade

Ben Kilminster, Ohio State University
June 23 TBA

Ron Lipton, Fermilab
July 28 Dilepton and Trilepton Production: Standard Model Sources and Beyond

Zack Sullivan, Argonne National Laboratory
Aug 11 Hadronic charm decays: an experimental review/Notes from ICHEP

Peter Onyisi, University of Chicago