12th Sep 2006 Sergei Seletsky: Attainment of Electron Beam Suitable for Medium Energy Electron Cooling.

19th Sep 2006 Jon Rosner: Lepton-Photon conference review.

26th Florencia Canelli: CDF Jet Energy Scale.

3rd Oct 2006 Erik Ramberg: Meson Test Beam Facility at Fermilab.

10th Rocky Kolb: Acceleration without Dark Energy.

17th Alberto Marchionni: A large LAr TPC Detector for the NuMI off-axis beam.

24th Jose Repond: Calorimetry at the Linear Collider.

31st Peter Shanhan

7th Nov 2006 Jimmy Proudfoot: Challenges in Standard Model Physics at the LHC.

14th Rick Kessler: Dark Matter.

21st Maxim Goncharov: EMTiming system.

28th -

5th Dec 2006 Pierre Oddone: Fermilab Program and Evolution.

12th Harry Weerts

9th Jan 2006 Reinhard Schwienhorst: Single Top at D0.

16th Sid Nagel: On Committee of Science Report.

23rd Gabe Perdue

30th Sfiligoi Igor: GlideCAF.

6th Feb 2006 Bill Nagel

13th Ariel Schwartzman D0 Top mass

20th Woijech: CDF Top mass.

27th Brian Yanny: Solan Digital Sky Survey.

6th Mar 2006 Heuijin Lim: Diffraction at HERA.

13th Savdeep Sethi: Towards the End of Time.

20th -

27th Jesse Thaler

3rd Apr 2006 Lothar Bauerdick: CMS Computing Model.

10th Apr 2006 Sasha Glazov

17th Michael Turner: UoC Involvment in running Fermilab.

24th John Power: Wakefield Accelerator.

1st May 2006 Ivan Furic: CDF B_s mixing results.

22nd May Pavel Nadolsky: Multi-scale factorization for W and Z boson production.

21st Jun 2006 Amol Dighe: Tracking the supernova shock wave with neutrinos.

10th July 2006 Rick Field

17th Shrihari Gopalakrishna: Stop versus Top at the Tevatron and the LHC.

6th Aug 2006 Rasmus Mackeprang: Colored SUSY and R-Hadron Physics in the ATLAS Detector.

11th Sep 2006 Robert Craig Group: Jets at CDF.