HEP Lunch Seminars : 2010–2011
Organized by: Antonio Boveia
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July 25
HEP 323
A Search for Low-Energy Leptons and Lepton Jets in W and Z Events at CDF
Scott Wilbur, Chicago

June 6
HEP 323
Double Chooz commissioning
Matt Worcester, Chicago

May 30
Memorial Day / No Talk

May 23
HEP 323
Shifting Frontiers: Evolving the FNAL Accelerator Complex
Ron Moore, Fermilab

May 16
HEP 323
CoGeNT results
Juan Collar, Chicago

May 9
HEP 323
CDF W+jets excess
Viviana Cavaliere, UIUC

May 2
HEP 323
Joint search for muon neutrino disappearance with SciBooNE and MiniBooNE
Yasuhiro Nakajima, Kyoto/LBNL
April 25
HEP 323
Dark Matter at LEP
Yuhsin Tsai, Cornell/Fermilab

April 18
HEP 323
Test of Lorentz and CPT violation with MiniBooNE excesses
Teppei Katori, MIT

April 11
HEP 323
Targets for early discoveries at the LHC
Liantao Wang, Chicago

March 28
HEP 323
Greener Living Through Accelerators
Joe Tuggle, Chicago

March 14
HEP 323
Working Toward a Next-Generation, High-Resolution Water Cherenkov Detector
Matt Wetstein, EFI/Argonne

March 7
HEP 323
Understanding Signal Production in Liquid Xenon
Carl Eric Dahl, Chicago

March 3, Noon
HEP 323
Searches for New Physics with the CMS Experiment
Albert de Roeck, University of Antwerp/ CERN

February 28
HEP 323
Pixel detectors for
future colliders
Marcel Stanitzki, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

February 21
HEP 323
W/Z Physics at CMS
Kristian Hahn, MIT

February 14
HEP 323
Status of the RENO Reactor Neutrino Experiment
Kyung Kwang Joo, Chonnam National University

February 7
HEP 323
A search for baryon  and lepton number violation in B decays using the BaBar dataset
Matt Bellis, Stanford University

January 31
HEP 323
CDF Top Forward-Backward Asymmetry
Dan Amidei, Michigan

January 24
HEP 323
Quirky Supersymmetry
Stephen Martin, Northern Illinois University

January 17
HEP 323
Electric Dipole Moment and Crystal Channeling
Yau Wah, Chicago

December 13
HEP 323 3pm
W and Z Production at ATLAS
Peter Onyisi, Chicago

December 6
HEP 323
Heavy color-octet bosons and multi-b-jet signals at the Tevatron and the LHC
Bogdan Dobrescu, Fermilab

November 29
HEP 323
The Case for 7-8 GeV Dark Matter
Dan Hooper, Chicago/ Fermilab

November 22
HEP 323
HERA PDFs and the Impact for the LHC
Ringaile Placakyte, University of Hamburg

November 15
HEP 323
New Physics with First Data at CMS
Sal Rappoccio, Johns Hopkins

November 8
HEP 323
Model Independent Extraction of the Proton Charge Radius from Electron Scattering
Gil Paz, Chicago

November 1
HEP 323
W + Jets at ATLAS
Imai Jen-La Plante, Chicago

October 25
HEP 323
Progress of the NOvA Experiment
Peter Shanahan, Fermilab
October 11
HEP 323
(High Mass) Higgs Searches at the Tevatron
Bjoern Penning, Fermilab
October 4
HEP 323
Dark Light Higgs
Hao Zhang, Peking University/EFI
September 27
HEP 323
Evidence For A Correlation Between Nuclear Decay Rates And Solar Activity
Ephraim Fischbach and Jere Jenkins, Purdue University


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