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Getting to the University of Chicago

The main University of Chicago campus is located in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. Hyde Park is approximately six miles south from Chicago's downtown area.

Getting to the HEP Building

Access to the High Energy Physics building is provided through the entrance to the Accelerator Building at 5620 South Ellis Avenue. After entering the 5620 entrance, go down the stairs to the basement and turn right. (Basically follow the red dots on the floor.) Past the machine shop is a hallway where you can go left. Walk through this hallway and go through the yellow double-doors. Keep going straight and go though red double-doors. You are now in the basement of the HEP building. Proceed until the hallway ends to be at the HEP elevator. All HEP offices are located on the second or third floor.

Public Transit to HEP

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Map
Click here for directions from the University on how to use public transit to get to campus.

Driving to Campus from O'Hare Airport

Click here for a Google map with directions on driving to HEP from O'Hare Airport.

Driving to Campus from Midway Airport

Click here for a Google map with directions on driving to HEP from Midway Airport.

Driving to HEP from Fermilab

Click Here for a Google map showing directions for driving from Fermilab to the HEP building.


On the corner of 55th Street (Garfield Ave) and Ellis is a parking structure. Visitor parking is permitted and the cost is $4.00 per hour or $20.00 for the entire day. There is a machine that takes cash, Visa or Mastercard only. The HEP building is on the next block from the parking garage. Walk south (away from the stoplight) and cross both Ellis and 56th Streets. Enter the doors at address 5620 and follow the instructions above "Getting to the HEP Building".

Taking a Taxi or Shuttle

There is a shuttle service to campus that runs every hour at O'Hare. Details can be found on their website. www.omegashuttle.com
If taking a taxi, the address is 5620 South Ellis Avenue.