SNO+ Drawing

Research Groups
ATLAS - pp collisions at the LHC (14 TeV)
E14 at JPARC - CP violation at JPARC
Double Chooz - Neutrino oscillations with a nuclear reactor
International Linear Collider - Proposed electron-positron collider
MINERvA - Neutrino scattering experiment at Fermilab
MicroBooNE - Low energy neutrino experiment at Fermilab
SNO+ - Neutrino physics at SNOLAB
LAPPD - Large-Area Picosecond Photo-Detectors Project
Dark Matter - Searches for Dark Matter

Useful Links
Electronics Design Group (eshop)
HEP 323 Schedule - Third Floor Conference Room
HEP 103 Schedule - Highbay/Video Conference Room
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