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HEP Lunch Seminars : 2008-2009
Organized by: Dan Krop and Joe Tuggle
Oct 6 HEP-323 WIMPless Dark Matter

David McKeen, University of Chicago
Oct 13 HEP-323 Fast Timing and Position Sensing with Micro-Channel Plate Detectors

Jean-Francois Genat, University of Chicago
Oct 20 HEP-323 Searching for Dark Scalars at Colliders

Qing-Hong Cao, University of Chicago/ANL
Oct 27 HEP-323 The Materials Science of SRF Acceleration: Opportunities for Significantly Increased Cavity Performance

Michael Pellin, ANL
Nov 3 HEP-323 Design Considerations for the LHeC - a Large Hadron Electron Collider at CERN

Max Klein, University of Liverpool
Nov 17 HEP-323 Studies of Multimuon Events at CDF

Kevin Pitts, University of Illinois
Nov 24 HEP-323 First-Order Gravity and Cosmological Exotica

J.D. Bjorken, SLAC
Dec 1 HEP-323 Nucleon Form Factors and the Journey to the Center of the Neutron

John Arrington, ANL
Dec 15 HEP-323 Measurement of the W Mass and Width at D0 Using a Novel Recoil Method

Matthew Wetstein, University of Maryland
Jan 12 HEP-323 Electron antineutrino appearance results from MiniBooNE

Georgia Stelios Karagiorgi, MIT
Jan 26 HEP-323 Top Production at the Tevatron

Tom Schwarz, University of California - Davis
Feb 9 HEP-323 Nuclear Gamma-Ray Superradiance

Bernhard Adams, ANL
Feb 16 HEP-323 Charged Lepton Flavor Violation

André de Gouvêa, Northwestern University
Feb 23 HEP-323 HARP-CDP Results or an Unbiased View at Large Angle

Andrey Elagin, Texas A&M University
Mar 2 HEP-323 How to Search for a Top-Prime Quark

Bogdan Dobrescu, Fermilab
Mar 9 HEP-323 Atom Bombs: The Top Secret Inside Story of Little Boy and Fat Man

John Coster-Mullen
Mar 16 HEP-323 New Experiments with Antiprotons

Dan Kaplan, IIT
Apr 6 HEP-323 Neutrino Mass, Relic Neutrinos, and Other Holy Grails

Joseph Formaggio, MIT
Apr 20 HEP-323 Veritas, Dark Matter, and Electrons

Simon Swordy, University of Chicago
Apr 27 HEP-323 May you live in interesting times: constraining the origin of the DAMA annual modulation effect

Juan Collar, University of Chicago
May 4 HEP-323 The pomeron contribution to p-p scattering in AdS/QCD

Jeff Harvey, University of Chicago
May 11 HEP-323 Plans for Jet Energy Corrections at CMS

Kalanand Mishra, Fermilab
May 18 HEP-323 Precise Orbital Tracking of an Asteroid with a Phased Array of Radio Transponders

Bernhard Adams, ANL
Thu. May 28 HEP-323 Squeezing SUSY: Measuments of the b -> s(d) Gamma Radiative Penguin Transition Rates

Bruce Schumm, Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics
June 1 HEP-323 MSSM Higgs Searches at the Tevatron

Patrick Draper, University of Chicago
Jul 13 HEP-323 Communicating Physics

David Brookes, UIUC
Aug 3 HEP-323 HERA Results

Sasha Glazov, DESY