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Organized by: Lauren Tompkins and Andrey Elagin
Sep 24HEP 323 General Discussion
David Miller
Oct 1HEP 323 Measurement of the top-quark pair production cross-section using final states with a lepton and a hadronically decaying tau-lepton.
Yuta Takahashi
Oct 8HEP 323 Sub-Angstrom Cavity Stabilization of an X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Oscillator and Metrology with Nuclear Resonance
Bernhard Adams
Oct 15HEP 323 Auger Proton-Air Cross-Section Measurement
Eun-Joo Ahn
Oct 18HEP 323 Masses & Mixings fo Quarks & Leptons
J. D. Bjorken
Oct 22HEP 323 Antigravity and Antimatter a Naive Approach
Giovanni Piacentino
Oct 29HEP 323 MiniBooNE Results
Christina Ignarra
Nov 5HEP 323 New G-2 Experiment
Peter Winter
Nov 19HEP 323 Short Baseline Neutrino Experiments
Zarko Pavlovic
Nov 26HEP 323 Third Generation Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at CMS
Artur Apresyan
Dec 3HEP 323 Synchrotron Radiation and EXAFS
Carlo Segre
Dec 17HEP 323 Mars Missions
Tom Economous
Jan 7HEP 323 General Discussion
Jon Rosner
Jan 14HEP 323 General Discussion
John Alison
Jan 28HEP 323 General Discussion
Gena Kukartsev
Feb 4HEP 323 LHC Higgs Diphoton Signal Interference with Background
Stephen Martin
Feb 9HEP 323 H->WW at CMS
Yanyan Gao
Feb 14HEP 323 EXO Experiment
Giorgio Gratta
Feb 17HEP 323 Update on Dijet Mass Spectrum in W+2 Jets Events
Marco Trovato
Feb 25ACC 211 DM Signals at Colliders
Patrick Fox
Mar 4HEP 323 General Discussion
Timofey Zolkin
Mar 11HEP 323 General Discusion
Callum Quigley
Mar 18HEP 323 General Discussion
Kai Yi
Mar 25HEP 323 Collective Neutrino Oscillations
Shashank Shalgar
Apr 1HEP 323 Double-Chooz Results
Keith Crum
Apr 8HEP 323 W Mass Measurements at the Tevatron
Rafael Lopes de Sa
Apr 15HEP 323 Discussion of CDMS II Paper
Bjoern Penning
Apr 22HEP 323 General Discussion
Sam Meehan
Apr 29HEP 323 Work on T2K
Samantha Short
May 6HEP 323 A Dark Matter Beam at MiniBooNE
Brian Battel
May 13HEP 323 General Discussion
David Schmitz
May 20HEP 323 Precision Luminosity Measurement Method for the LHC
Witold Krasny
Jun 3HEP 323 LHC Dijet Measurements
Chris Meyer
Jun 10HEP 323 CMS SUSY Studies
Verena Martinez

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