HEP Lunch Seminars : 2011–2012
Organized by: Matt Strait
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Aug 20
HEP 323
Measurements of the ZZ production cross section in pp collisions at 7 TeV and at 8 TeV using the ATLAS detector
Nick Edwards

July 2
HEP 323
Direct CP Violation in D decays
Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya
June 11
HEP 323
A Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Low-Energy CDMS Data
Nicole Fields
May 14
HEP 323
Can the W mass be measured to better than 10 MeV at a hadron collider?
Mark Lancaster
May 7
HEP 323
Shedding light on dark matter
Sarah Alam Malik
April 30
HEP 323
Reνolution? Neutrinos and Nanotechnology
Lindley Winslow
April 23
HEP 323
Implications of an Enhanced Higgs diphoton decay rate
Carlos Wagner

April 16
HEP 323
Production of tt
Markus Schulze
April 9
HEP 323
Harry Weerts
April 2
HEP 323
QCD physics at D0
Peter Svoisky
March 12
HEP 323
HARP-CDP results on the LSND anomaly
Andrey Elagin
Feb 27
HEP 323
A Search for Heavy Vector-like Quarks at ATLAS
Jordan Webster

Feb 20
HEP 323
Top quark asymmetry at the Tevatron
Hao Zhang

Feb 13
HEP 323
VICTR Chip for A Level-One Tracker Trigger at CMS
Zhenyu Ye
Feb 6
HEP 323
Implications for new physics of the 125 GeV Higgs
LianTao Wang

Jan 30
HEP 323
Through a Glass Darkly: Galaxy Clusters and Strong Lensing
Mike Gladders

Jan 23
HEP 323
ATLAS Dijet Task Force
Jim Pilcher

December 5
HEP 323
Phil Adamson

November 28
HEP 323
Jarek Nowak, Minnesota

November 21
HEP 323
Double Chooz results

November 14
HEP 323
MCFM: NLO predictions for the LHC
Ciaran Williams, FNAL

November 7
HEP 323
Project X
Jim Kerby, FNAL

October 31
HEP 323
Studies of CP violation in the Bs system
Mark Williams, FNAL

October 24
HEP 323
Matthew Wetstein, EFI/Argonne

October 17
HEP 323
Discussion of θ13 measurements at MINOS and T2K

October 10
HEP 323
Deep-Sea Neutrino Telescopes ANTARES and KM3NeT
Miquel Ardid / Manu Cabo, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

October 3
HEP 323
A ZZ signal which didn't become a particle
Pasha Murat, Fermilab/CDF

September 26
HEP 323
New Tools for the Higgs Search in the Tau Tau Channel at CDF
Andrey Elagin, Texas A&M / Chicago

September 19
HEP 323
Searches for WZ/ZZ Production In Final States with Jets at CDF
Wes Ketchum, Chicago


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