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HEP Lunch Seminars : 2009-2010
Organized by: Joe Tuggle
Sep 21 HEP-323 Towards precision models of collider physics

Peter Skands, Fermilab
Oct 5 HEP-323 Project X Physics

Bob Tschirhart, Fermilab
Oct 19 HEP-323 Higher Multipole Amplitudes in Radiative Charmonium Transitions

Jonathan Rosner, UChicago
Oct 26 HEP-323 Polarization Puzzle in Rare Gluonic Penguin Decays B → φ K* at BaBar

Yanyan Gao, Fermilab
Nov 9 HEP-323 Monte Carlo physics

Jan Winter, Fermilab
Nov 16 HEP-323 Working Toward Large Area, Picosecond-Level Photodetectors

Matthew Wetstein, UChicago/Argonne
Tues Nov 17 HEP-323 A Measurement of Neutrino-Induced, Charged-Current, Neutral Pion Production at MiniBoone

Robert Nelson, University of Colorado, Boulder
Nov 23 HEP-323 Maverick Dark Matter: Direct detection, indirect detection, and the LHC

Zosia Krusberg, UChicago
Nov 30 HEP-323 Development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors Technologies

Maxim Titov, CEA Saclay
Jan 11 HEP-323 Charmless Inclusive B Decays

Gil Paz, UChicago
Jan 18 HEP-323 University Holiday

No seminar
Feb 8 HEP-323 Recent Results from CDMS

Lauren Hsu, Fermilab
Feb 15 HEP-323 How model builders build models

Paddy Fox, Fermilab
Mar 1 HEP-323 National Lab Users Trip to DC

Joe Tuggle, UChicago
Mar 15 HEP-323 First measurement of Muon Neutrino Charged-Current Quasielastic (CCQE) Double Differential Cross Section

Teppei Katori, MIT
Mar 29 HEP-323 How to Run the Tevatron Collider with Oodles of Luminosity and Send Gobbs of Protons to NoVa at the Same Time

David McGinnis, Fermilab
Apr 5 HEP-323 The ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeters: From Design to First Data

Katherine Copic, Columbia
Apr 12 HEP-323 A New Condensate of Matter and Light: Bose Einstein Condensation of Polaritons

Peter Littlewood, Cambridge
Apr 19 HEP-323 Probing the tWb Vertex: Latest Tevatron Results on the Measurement of W-Boson Polarization in Top-quark Decay

Mousumi Datta, Fermilab
Apr 26 HEP-323 Limitation on the prediction for pT-balance in events with a Z-boson and jets

Sasha Paramonov, Argonne
May 3 HEP-323 Large-Area Photodetectors

Henry Frisch, UChicago/Argonne
May 17 HEP-323 A New Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Experiment: Muon-Electron Conversion at FNAL

Robert Bernstein, Fermilab
May 24 HEP-323 Overview of Microchannel Plate Simulation Work

Zeke Insepov, Argonne
May 31 HEP-323 University Holiday

No seminar
Tues. June 1 HEP-323 Rock and Antifiducial Muons in MINOS

Matthew Strait, University of Minnesota
June 7 HEP-323 Evidence for an anomalous like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry at the D0 Experiment

Mark Williams, Fermilab/Lancaster
July 19 HEP-323 Search for single production of new heavy quarks at CDF

Martina Hurwitz, UChicago