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2017 - 2018

Organized by: Andrew Mastbaum, Jia Liu, Stas Baturin

The Particle Physics Lunch Seminars are more of an informal discussion than a formal seminar. The organizers try to bring an interesting speaker each week. However, even if there is no set speaker, everyone should still attend for an informal discussion amongst themselves. For this reason, the name of the speaker and the subject for discussion will not be posted until after lunch.

Oct 2PRC 3rd Floor Ultra-light bosonic dark matter, non-standard neutrino oscillation
Jia Liu, EFI
Oct 16PRC 3rd Floor hep solar neutrinos and DSNB in SNO
Andrew Mastbaum, EFI
Oct 23PRC 3rd Floor Axions and clockworking
Andrew Long, KICP
Oct 30PRC 3rd Floor MilliQan Experiment
Max Swiatlowski, EFI
Nov 6PRC 3rd Floor Accelerator physics
Tim Zolkin, FNAL
Nov 20PRC 3rd Floor The AMS positron excess
Seodong Shin
Nov 27PRC 3rd Floor Multimessenger astronomy, instrumentation
Ian Wisher, KICP
Dec 4PRC 3rd Floor DAQ for the KOTO Experiment
Yu-Chen Tung, EFI
Dec 11PRC 3rd Floor Double parton scattering
Ke-pan Xie
Jan 22PRC 3rd Floor
Dam Son, EFI
Jan 29PRC 3rd Floor Holometer
Craig Hogan, Physics/EFI
Feb 5PRC 215 Recent NOvA Oscillation Results
Alex Radovic, William & Mary
Feb 12PRC 215
Mar 19PRC 3rd Floor The 20 inch MCP-PMT R&D in China (slides)
Sen Qian, IHEP/CAS

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