Particle Physics Lunch Seminars

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2016 - 2017

Organized by: Henry Frisch (faculty), TBD (postdoc), Giordon Stark (student)

The Particle Physics Lunch Seminars are more of an informal discussion than a formal seminar. The organizers try to bring an interesting speaker each week. However, even if there is no set speaker, everyone should still attend for an informal discussion amongst themselves. For this reason, the name of the speaker and the subject for discussion will not be posted until after lunch.

Sept 26HEP 323
Alvaro Chavarria, KICP
Oct 3HEP 323
Oct 10HEP 323
Oct 17HEP 323 The performance and physics of the CMS Trigger System
Dominick Olivito
Oct 24HEP 323 The Status of KOTO Experiment
Yu-Chen Tung
Oct 31HEP 323 CMS Pixel Detector Upgrade for HL-LHC: A Study in Simulation
Yangyang Cheng
Nov 7HEP 323
Nov 14HEP 323
Liantao Wang
Nov 21HEP 323 Kibble-Zurek scaling and inflation
Cheng Chin
Jan 23HEP 323 ANITA-4 Flight
Cosmin Deaconu
Feb 6HEP 323
Tigran Kalaydzhyan
Feb 13HEP 323
Henry Frisch, Yau Wah, Ed Blucher
Feb 27HEP 323
James Bjorken
Mar 27HEP 323
David Miller

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