Particle Physics Seminars - SPRING 2016

Organized by: Dave Schmitz, Young-Kee Kim, and Mark Oreglia

Particle Physics seminars are usually held on Mondays at 4:15pm, during the regular school year.

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Mar 28 ERC 401 How I learned to stop worrying and love multi-nucleon effects (slides)
Richard Gran, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Apr 4 ERC 401 Trapping and Probing Antihydrogen Atoms
Jonathan Wurtele, University of California, Berkeley
Apr 11 ERC 401 Hunting for dark matter with two-phase noble liquid detectors
Luca Grandi, University of Chicago
Apr 18 ACC 211 Neutrinoless double beta decay searches with 76Ge (slides)
Bernhard Schwingenheuer, Max-Planck-Institut F. Kernphysik
Apr25 ERC 401 Hydrodynamics and quantum anomalies (slides)
Dam Son, University of Chicago
May 2 ERC 401 Surface Chemistry of SRF Materials for use in Particle Accelerators
Steven J. Sibener, University of Chicago
May 9 ERC 401 Leadership Cyberinfrastructure for Science and the Humanities
Rob Gardner, University of Chicago
May 16 ERC 401 Searches for New Physics in boosted diboson topologies at ATLAS
Reina Camacho, University of Chicago
May 23 ERC 401 Axion Electrodynmaics
Christopher Hill, Fermilab