EFI Colloquia, Particle Physics and Accelerator Seminars - Autumn 2016

Seminars are usually held on Mondays at 4:15pm, during the regular school year.

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Particle Physics Seminars organized by: Mel Shochet and Ed Blucher
EFI Colloquia organized by: Young-Kee Kim
Accelerator Seminars organized by: Kwang-Je Kim

Sept 26
ERC 401
Cosmic Microwave Background measurements through the Next Decade
John Carlstrom, The University of Chicago
Oct 3
ERC 401
Supersymmetry and Higgs Physics in the Light of Experimental Data
Carlos Wagner, UChicago/ANL
Oct 10
ERC 401
Wakefield-based Accelerator Devices
Stanislav S. Baturin, Euclid Techlabs, LLC, USA
Oct 17
ACC 211
First Results from MicroBooNE
Michael Mooney, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Oct 24
ERC 401
Opportunities with the Fermilab science program
Joseph Lykken, Fermilab
Oct 31
ERC 401
Reconstructing the Topology of Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Events Using Fast Timing
Andrey Elagin, UChicago
Nov 7
ERC 401
Directions in Particle Accelerators and Accelerator R&D
Stuart Henderson, Argonne
Nov 14
ERC 401
Di-Higgs at the LHC : Current Status and Long-term Prospects
John Alison
Nov 21
ERC 401
Laboratory Astrophysics with CHILI
Andrew Davis, UChicago
Nov 28
ERC 401
Non-DE Results from the Dark Energy Survey
Rick Kessler, UChicago
Dec 5
ERC 401
Nonlinear Dynamics of Beams in the University of Maryland Electron Ring
Rami Kishek, University of Maryland