EFI Colloquia, Particle Physics and Accelerator Seminars - Autumn 2018

Seminars are usually held on Mondays at 4:15pm, during the regular school year.

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Particle Physics Seminars organized by: Dave Schmitz
EFI Colloquia organized by: Steve Meyer, Wayne Hu, Dietrich Müller, Dave Schmitz, Paul Wiegmann
Accelerator Seminars organized by: Sergei Nagaitsev

Oct 1
PRC 201
Exploring the Early Universe (and Fundamental Physics) with Intensity Mapping
Erik Shirokoff, UChicago
Oct 8
PRC 201
Addressing the Majorana vs. Dirac Question Using Neutrino Decays
Boris Kayser, Fermilab
Oct 15
PRC 201
Accelerator Science Opportunities at the Fermilab FAST facility
Alexander Valishev, Fermilab
Oct 19 @ 12:15pm
PRC 215
Special Seminar: Status and Future Perspectives of the International Linear Collider Project in Japan
Maxim Titov, CEA Saclay, Irfu, France
Oct 22
PRC 201
Search of KL→π0νν at the KOTO Experiment
Yu-Chen Tung, UChicago
Oct 29
PRC 201
Electroweak SUSY Searches on ATLAS
Elodie Resseguie, UPenn
Oct 30 @ 1:00pm
PRC 215
Special Seminar: A New QCD Facility at the M2 Beam Line of the CERN SPS
Oleg Denisov, INFN-Torino/CERN
Nov 5
PRC 201
Nov 12
PRC 201
Supersymmetry is Dead. Long Live Supersymmetry!
Carlos Wagner, UChicago
Nov 19
PRC 201
R&D Challenges at the Spallation Neutron Source High Power Accelerator
Sarah Cousineau, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Nov 26
PRC 201
Supersymmetry in Hadronic Final States and the potential for re-use
Giordon Stark, University of California, Santa Cruz
Dec 3
PRC 201