HEP Seminars - Autumn 2015

Organized by: Mark Oreglia, Dave Schmitz and Young-Kee Kim

HEP seminars are usually held on Mondays at 4:15pm, during the regular school year.

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Sept 28 KPTC 206
Note: 3pm start time
HEP Seminar Kickoff
Claudio Pellegrini, UCLA/SLAC
Oct 5 ACC 211 Neutrino physics with liquid argon detectors at Fermilab (slides)
Dave Schmitz, University of Chicago
Oct 12 ACC 211 Studying neutrinos and nuclear reactors with the PROSPECT experiment (slides)
Michelle Dolinski, Drexel University
Oct 19 ERC 401 Measuring Color Flow in Top Pair Events Using the ATLAS Detector (slides)
Max Swiatlowski, University of Chicago
Oct 26 ERC 401 Modern Silicon Detectors in HEP Experiment (slides)
Ron Lipton, FNAL
Nov 2 ERC 401 High Q Superconducting RF cavities: the enabling technology for CW accelerators
Anna Grassellino,FNAL
Nov 9 ERC 401 First Results from the NOvA experiment (slides)
Mayly Sanchez
Nov 16 ERC 401 Tetraquarks and Pentaquarks (slides)
Jon Rosner, University of Chicago
Nov 23 Rescheduled
Nov 30 Rescheduled
Petra Merkel, FNAL
Dec 7 ERC 401 ACC Talk