EFI Colloquia, Particle Physics and Accelerator Seminars - Spring 2017

Seminars are usually held on Mondays at 4:15pm, during the regular school year.

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Particle Physics Seminars organized by: Mel Shochet and Ed Blucher
EFI Colloquia organized by: Young-Kee Kim
Accelerator Seminars organized by: Kwang-Je Kim

Mar 27
ERC 401
Next steps in new physics searches, LHC and beyond
LianTao Wang, UChicago
Apr 3
ERC 401
𝑲^+ → 𝝅^+𝒗𝒗- Status and Progress of the NA62 Experiment at CERN
Peter Cooper, Fermilab
Apr 10
ERC 401
Channeling of Electrons and Positrons at SLAC
Uli Wienands, Argonne National Laboratory
Apr 17
ERC 401
(BSM) Higgs boson physics at CMS
Corrinne Mills, University of Illinois at Chicago
Apr 24
ERC 401
Tunnel Visions: The History of the Superconducting Super Collider
Adrienne Kolb, Former Lab Archivist and Historian for Fermilab
May 1
ERC 401
Searching for Dark Forces and Light Dark Matter with HPS and LDMX
Timothy Knight Nelson, Stanford University
May 8
ERC 401
Towards attosecond control of accelerators
John Byrd, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
May 15
ERC 401
Recent and Future Results in Lattice QCD
Andreas Kronfeld, Fermilab
May 22
ERC 401
The collision of magnetic flux ropes, magnetic reconnection and non-local Ohm’s law
Walter Gekelman, UCLA
May 29
ERC 401
University Closed
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