EFI Colloquia, Particle Physics and Accelerator Seminars - Winter 2019

Seminars are usually held on Mondays at 4:15pm, during the regular school year.

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Particle Physics Seminars organized by: Dave Schmitz
EFI Colloquia organized by: Steve Meyer, Wayne Hu, Dave Schmitz, Paul Wiegmann, Dietrich Müller
Accelerator Seminars organized by: Sergei Nagaitsev

Jan 7
PRC 201
“On the Origin of the Cosmic Radiation” - 70 years later
Damiano Caprioli, UChicago
Jan 14
PRC 201
Exploring Glue that binds us all with the Electron Ion Collider (slides) (video)
Abhay Deshpande, BNL
Jan 21
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
University Closed
Jan 28
PRC 201
The Fast Track to Discovery (slides) (video)
Tova Holmes, UChicago
Feb 4
No EFI Colloquium
Feb 11
PRC 201
Recent Results from the ADMX Search for Dark Matter Axions (slides) (video)
Andrew Sonnenschein, Fermilab
Feb 18
PRC 201
On the Prospect of Studying Nonperturbative QED with Beam-Beam Collisions (video)
Vitaly Yakimenko, SLAC
Feb 25
PRC 201
Impact of Detector Simulation in Particle Physics Collider experiments (slides) (video)
V. Daniel Elvira, Fermilab
Mar 4
PRC 201
String Theory, Quark-Gluon Plasma, and the Dying Whispers of Black Holes (video)
Andrei Starinets, University of Oxford
Mar 11
PRC 201
A Physicist's Experience in Radiation Therapy (slides) (video)
Jiasen Ma, Mayo Clinic
Mar 18
PRC 201
Pushing the limits of the accelerator technology. A path towards the brighter beam (slides) (video)
S. S. Baturin, UChicago