Physics 342 - Project Papers

Winter Quarter, 2011

Name(s) Topic
Hsin-Yu Chen Properties of Degenerate Fermi Gas in Astrophysics
Jacon Colbert Topological Quantum Computing
Aaron Ewall-Wice Trapped Ion Quantum Computers
Jonathan Gleason Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Sean Johnson Spontaneous Emission Rates in Forbidden Lines
Junghyn Lee Atomic Parity Violation
Matthew Low The Schrodinger Equation in Parabolic Coordinates
Patrick McCall Symmetry as the Root of Degeneracy
Will McFadden Spin Magnetic Resonance: Theory and Applications
Jason Merritt Pade Interpolation
Laura Mocanu Entangled Photons and Quantum Teleportation
Louis Smith Carbene Singlets, Triplets, and the Physics That Describes Them
Hillel Wayne Decay Suppression via Pauli Exclusion Principle
Sean Weinberg SO(4) Symmetry and the Hydrogen Atom
Jing Zhou Band Structure and Matrix Methods
Timofey Zolkin BMT Equation Analysis and Spin in Accelerator Physics

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