Physics 472 - Dark Matter

J. Collar and J. Rosner - Winter Quarter, 2010

Organizational Information


Final project

Juan Collar's lectures:

Things that go bump in the dark
Principles of direct detection


Textbook (available mid-February):

Particle Dark Matter (Cambridge, 2010, edited by G. Bertone)
(Similar to) Chapter 2: The Structure and Evolution of Cold Dark Matter Halos (J. Diemand and B. Moore)
Chapter 5: Dark Matter at the Centers of Galaxies (D. Merritt)
Chapter 6: Alternatives to Dark Matter: Modified Gravity as an Alternative to Dark Matter (J. Bekenstein)
Chapter 8, pp. 142-163: Supersymmetric Dark Matter Candidates (J. Ellis and K. A. Olive)
Chapter 10, pp. 190-204: Non-WIMP Candidates (J. Feng)
(Similar to) Chapter 11: Dark Matter Axions (P. Sikivie)
(Similar to) Chapter 12: The Role of Sterile Neutrinos in Cosmology and Astrophysics (A. Boyarsky, O. Ruchaysky, and M. Shaposhnikov)
Chapter 15, pp. 306-324: Extra Dimensions at the LHC (K. Kong, K. Matchev, and G. Servant)
Chapter 17, pp. 347-369: Direct Detection of WIMPs (D. G. Cerde\~{n}o and A. M. Green)
(Similar to) Chapters 18 and 19: Particle Dark Matter and DAMA/LIBRA (R. Bernabei et al.)
(Similar to) Chapter 25: The Indirect Search for Dark Matter with IceCube (F. Halzen and D. Hooper)
Chapter 27, pp. 547-564: Multi-wavelength Searches for Particle Dark Matter (S. Profumo and P. Ullio)
(Similar to) Chapter 28: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and Particle Dark Matter (K. Jedamzik and M. Pospelov)

Account for non-specialists (emphasis on gravitational lensing):

Einstein's Telescope (Norton, New York, 2009, by E. Gates)

References on supersymmetry:

Introduction to Supersymmetry (P. G. O. Freund, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1986)
A Supersymmetry Primer (S. P. Martin, arXiv:hep-ph/9709356), in
Perspectives on Supersymmetry) (G. L. Kane, ed., World Scientific, 1998)
Journeys Beyond the Standard Model (P. Ramond, Perseus, 1999)
Two-component spinor techniques and Feynman rules for quantum field theory and supersymmetry
(H. K. Dreiner, H. E. Haber, and S. P. Martin, arXiv:0812.1594)

References on axions:

CP Conservation in the Presence of Pseudoparticles (R. D. Peccei and H. R. Quinn, Phys. Rev. Lett. 38, 1440 (1977))
A New Light Boson? (S. Weinberg, Phys. Rev. Lett. 40, 223 (1978))
Problem of Strong P and T Invariance in the Presence of Instantons (F. Wilczek, Phys. Rev. Lett. 40, 279 (1978))
Can Galactic Halos Be Made of Axions? (J. Ipser and P. Sikivie, Phys. Rev. Lett. 50, 925 (1983))
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Journeys Beyond the Standard Model (P. Ramond, Perseus, 1999)
The Strong CP Problem and Axions (R. D. Peccei, arXiv:hep-ph/0607268)
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Dark Matter Axions (P. Sikivie, arXiv:0909.0949)
A SQUID-based microwave cavity search for dark-matter axions (S. J. Asztalos et al., arXiv:0910.5914)

General Relativity texts:

Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity (S. Carroll, Pearson/Addison-Wesley, 2004)
Gravitation (C. W. Misner, K. S. Thorne, and J. A. Wheeler, W. H. Freeman, 1973)
General Relativity (R. M. Wald, University of Chicago Press, 1984
Gravitation and Cosmology (S. Weinberg, Wiley, 1972)

Early Universe:

The First Three Minutes (S. Weinberg, Basic Books, 1993)
The Early Universe (E. W. Kolb and M. S. Turner, Westview Press, 1994)

Review articles:

Supersymmetric Dark Matter (G. Jungman, M. Kamionkowski, and K. Griest, Phys. Rep. 267, 1950373 (1996))
Direct Detection of Dark Matter (R. J. Gaitskell, Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 54, 315-59 (2004))
Particle dark matter: evidence, candidates, and constraints (G. Bertone, D. Hooper, and J. Silk, Phys. Rep. 405, 279-390 (2005))
Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe (J. A. Frieman, M. S. Turner, and D. Huterer, Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys. 46, 385-432 (2008))
TASI 2008 Lectures on Dark Matter (Dan Hooper, arXiv:0901.4090)
Dark Matter (Jaan Einasto, arXiv:0901.0632)
Dark Matter: The evidence from astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology (Matts Roos, arXiv:1001.0316)
Dark Energy and Dark Matter (Keith Olive, arXiv:1001.5014)
Dark Matter Candidates from Particle Physics and Methods of Detection (J. L. Feng, arXiv:1003.0904)

Collider signatures of dark matter:

TASI 2008 Lectures on Collider Signals (Howard Baer, arXiv:0901.4732)
Introduction to Collider Physics (Maxim Perelstein, arXiv:1002.0274)

Local dark matter density and escape velocity:

The mass distribution within our galaxy: a three component model (J. A. R. Caldwell and J. P. Ostriker, Ap. J. 251, 61 (1981))
The local Galactic escape speed (P. J. T. Leonard and S. Tremaine, Ap. J. 353, 486 (1990))
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Empirical models for dark matter halos (D. Merritt et al., Astronomical J. 132, 2685 (2006))
The radial velocity dispersion profile of the Galactic Halo (G. Battaglia et al., arXiv:astro-ph/0506102, Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)

Zwicky (1937) on determining mass of the Coma Cluster:

On the Masses of Nebulae and of Clusters of Nebulae (F. Zwicky, Ap. J. 86, 217 (1937))

Original reference on galactic rotation:

Rotation of the Andromeda Nebula from a Spectroscopic Survey of Emission Regions
(V. C. Rubin and W. K. Ford, Jr., Ap. J. 159, 379 (1970))

Freeze-out of cosmological relics:

Cosmological Lower Bound on Heavy-Neutrino Masses (B. W. Lee and S. Weinberg, Phys. Rev. Lett. 39, 165-168 (1977)
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On the relic, cosmic abundance of stable, weakly interacting massive particles
(R. J. Scherrer and M. S. Turner, Phys. Rev. D 33, 1585-1589 (1986)
Three exceptions in the calculation of relic abundances (K. Griest and D. Seckel, Phys. Rev. D 43, 3191-3203 (1991))
The Early Universe (E. W. Kolb and M. S. Turner, Westview Press, 1994; see especially Chapter 5)
The Thermal Abundance of Semi-Relativistic Relics (M. Drees, M. Kazizaki, and S. Kulkarni, Phys. Rev. D 80, 043505 (2009) [arXiv:0904.3046])

Some recent results and one analysis (of many):

Results from the Final Exposure of the CDMS II Experiment (Z. Ahmed et al., arXiv:0912.3592, submitted to Science)
Observations of Milky Way Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies with the Fermi-LAT Detector and Constraints on Dark Matter Models
(A. A. Abdo et al., arXiv:1001.4531)
Global interpretation of direct Dark Matter searches after CDMS-II results (J. Kopp, T. Schwetz, and J. Zupan, arXiv:0912.4264)

Light dark matter scenarios:

The Low-Energy Frontier of Particle Physics (J. Jaeckel and A. Ringwald, arXiv:1002.0329)
Probing a secluded U(1) at B factories (B. Batell, M. Pospelov, and A. Ritz, arXiv:0903.0363, Phys. Rev. D 79, 115008 (2009))
Searching for the light dark gauge boson in GeV-scale experiments
(M. Reece and L.-T. Wang, arXiv:0904.1743, JHEP 0907:051 (2009))
New Fixed-Target Experiments to Search for Dark Gauge Forces
(J. D. Bjorken et al., arXiv:0906.0580 [hep-ph], Phys. Rev. D 80, 075018 (2009))
An Electron Fixed Target Experiment to Search for a New Vector Boson A' Decaying into e+e-
(R. Essig et al., arXiv:1001.2557)

A sampling of final topics:

Extra dimensions:

Dark matter and collider phenomenology of universal extra dimensions (S. Hooper and S. Profumo, Phys. Rep. 453, 29-115 (2007), arXiv: hep-ph/0701197)
G. Servant, "Particle Dark Matter," Sec. 9.2

Inelastic dark matter:

Inelastic dark matter (D. Tucker-Smith and N. Weiner, Phys. Rev. D 64, 043502 (2001), arXiv:hep-ph/0101138)
A Theory of Dark Matter (N. Arkani-Hamed et al., Phys. Rev. D 79, 015014 (1979), arXiv:0810.0713)
Inelastic Dark Matter in Light of DAMA/LIBRA (S. Chang et al., Phys. Rev. D 79, 043513 (2009), arXiv:0807.2250)

Sterile Neutrinos:

Sterile Neutrinos as Dark Matter (S. Dodelson and L. M. Widrow, Phys. Rev. Lett. 72, 17 (1994), arXiv:hep-ph/9303287)
Sterile neutrinos: The Dark side of the light fermions (A. Kusenko, Phys. Rep. 481, 1-28 (2009), arXiv:0906.2968)
Sterile neutrinos (A. Kusenko, New J. Phys. 11, 105007 (2009))
M. Shaposhnikov, "Particle Dark Matter," Chapter 12

MOdified Newtonian Gravity (MOND):

J. Bekenstein, "Particle Dark Matter," Chapter 6
Testing the self-consistency of mond with three-dimensional galaxy kinematics (C. W. Stubbs and A. Garg, arXiv:astro-ph/0512067)

WMAP Haze:

Possible evidence for dark matter annihilations from the excess microwave emission around the center of the Galaxy seen by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (D. Hooper, D. P. Finkbeiner, and G. Dobler, Phys. Rev. D 76, 083012 (2007), arXiv:0705.3655 [astro-ph])
Prospects For Detecting Dark Matter With GLAST In Light Of The WMAP Haze (D. Hooper, et al., Phys. Rev. D 77, 043511 (2008), arXiv:0709.3114 [astro-ph])
The Galactic Haze Observed by WMAP (D. Finkbeiner, seminar at Planck Foregrounds workshop, July 16, 2008)
The Fermi Haze: A Gamma-Ray Counterpart to the Microwave Haze (G. Dobler et al., arXiv:0910.4583 [astro-ph.HE])

WIMPless Dark Matter:

J. L. Feng, "Particle Dark Matter," Chapter 10
The WIMPless Miracle: Dark-Matter Particles without Weak-Scale Masses or Weak Interactions (J. L. Feng and J. Kumar, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 231301 (2008), arXiv:0803.4196)
WIMPless Dark Matter and Meson Decays with Missing Energy (D. McKeen, Phys. Rev. D 79, 114001 (2009), arXiv:0903.4982)
Contributions to the Muon's Anomalous Magnetic Moment from a Hidden Sector (D. McKeen, arXiv:0912.1076)

Composite Dark Matter:

Composite Inelastic Dark Matter (D. S. M. Alves et al., arXiv:0903.3945)
Parity Violation in Composite Inelastic Dark Matter Models (M. Lisanti and J. Wacker, arXiv:0911.4483)

University of Chicago results and interpretations:

Maverick dark matter at colliders (M. Beltran et al., arXiv:1002.4137)
Results from a Search for Light-Mass Dark Matter with a P-type Point Contact Germanium Detector (C. E. Aalseth et al., arXiv:1002.4703 [astro-ph.CO])
Implications of CoGeNT and DAMA for Light WIMP Dark Matter (A. L. Fitzpatrick, D. Hooper, and K. M. Zurek, arXiv:1003:0014)
Low Mass Neutralino Dark Matter in the MSSM with Constraints from Bs => mu+ mu- and Higgs Search Limits (D. Feldman, Z. Liu, and P. Nath, arXiv:1003.0437)
Light WIMPs: the Largest Detection Scattering Cross Sections in the MSSM (E. Kuflik, A. Pierce, and K. M. Zurek, arXiv:1003.0682)

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