Young-Kee Kim in the Library for Symmetry

Young-Kee Kim

Selected Talks, and Lectures:

Year 2014

  • "International Collaborations with International Impact", Graduate Student Symposium associated with American Chemical Society National Meeting, Aug. 12
  • "Experimental Summary Talk", 37th International Conference on High Energy Physics, July 2-9, Valencia
  • Featured guest speaker at the celebration of International Women's Day 2014 at the University of Chicago, March 8

Year 2013

  • Colloquium, Stony Brook Univ., Nov. 26
  • Colloquium, Indian Univ., Nov. 20
  • "Progress and Prospects", Workshop on Caree Development for Women in Physics, ICTP, Trieste, Sept. 16
  • Lecture, Science and Policy Class, Yale Univ., Sept. 11
  • "U.S. High Energy Physics and The Intensity Frontier", U.S.-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Aug. 7
  • "The Fermilab Program for the Next Decade", 46th Fermilab Users Meeting, Jun. 12
  • Public Lecture, Batavia City Council, May 29
  • Higgs: Higgs boson discussion launches UChicago Discovery Series, U.Chicago, Feb. 7
  • Public Lecture, Ewha Womans's University, March 19
  • "Future Neutrino Projects in U.S.", XV International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes, Venice, Italy, Mar. 14
  • "Progress and Prospects", Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, UIUC, Jan. 19

Year 2012

  • Colloquium, University of Chicago, Nov. 2
  • Open Symposium on Particle and Nuclear Physics, Institute for Basic Science, Seoul, Sept. 15
  • "Beyond the Higgs", Closing Lecture, CERN Summer Lecture Program, Aug. 10
  • "Korea - U.S.Collaboration on High Energy Physics", Fermilab, Augu. 7
  • "Particle Physics", KWiSE Annual East Coast Conference, Vienna, VA, Jun. 16
  • Women in Science Symposium: "Big Ideas, Big Impact", Chicago, May 12
  • "CERN: What's it all about?", Public Lecture, Chicago Council on Science and Technology, May 1
  • "Opportunities for Korea-US Collaboration on High Energy Physics", Workshop on Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Astophysics, Apr. 25
  • "My Life, My Caree, My Research", NSF STEM Leadership Seminar, UIC, Apr. 20
  • "The Intensity Frontier on the Great Plains", Colloquium, UT Arlington, Apr. 4
  • "Project X Forum on Spallation Sources for Particle Physics", Fermilab, Mar. 19
  • "Fermilab: The Next Decade and Beyond", Aspen Conference, Feb. 16
  • "Fermilab: The Next Decade and Beyond", Excellence in Detectors and Instrumentation Technologies, Fermilab, Feb. 13
  • "The Intensity Frontier on the Great Plains", Colloquium, University of Chicago, Jan. 26
  • "Fermilab: Current Programs and Future Plan", AKPA Symposium, UT Arlington, Jan. 20
  • "The Intensity Frontier on the Great Plains", Colloquium, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Jan. 18

Year 2011

  • Physics for everyone, Fermilab, Nov. 16
  • Emma K. Malmstrom Lecture, Hamline University, Nov. 11
  • Public Lecture, Fermilab, Oct. 21
  • "Big Ideas need Big Science", TED*HanRiver, Chicago, Oct. 1
  • "Partile Physics: Now and Future", Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy, Sept. 23
  • "Understanding the Origin of Mass", Asian Science Camp, South Korea, Aug. 9
  • Lecture, Asian Science Camp, Daejeon, South Korea, Aug. 8
  • "Particle Physics Story", Public Lecture, Korea, Aug. 5
  • "Particle Physics and Fermilab", NIU, Apr. 20
  • Public Lecture, Virgina Tech, Apr. 12
  • Colloquium, Carnegie Mellon University, Mar. 22
  • "Borromean Rings", Public Lecture, Korea, Feb. 11

Year 2010

  • "Particle Physics: where we are trying to go", Colloquium, Rutgers Univ., Nov. 10
  • "Particle Physics: where we are trying to go", Korean Physical Society Meeting, Oct. 20
  • "Particle Physics and Fermilab", Symposium of Special Topic in Physics, University of Maryland, Aug. 20
  • "Borromean Rings", Public Lecture, Korea, Jun. 15
  • "Fermilab: Now and Future", 1st Workshop on Intensity Frontier of Muon Fundamental Science, KEK, Japan, Jun. 10
  • "Fermilab: Now and Futuree", U.Chicago Alumni, Jun. 4
  • Lecture to Fermilab Summer Interns, Jun. 1
  • "The Fermilab: How Frontier Physics meets Medical Sciences", Erice International School of Scientific Jounalism and Communication", Erice, Sicily, Italy, May 9-13
  • "Fermilab: Now and Future", Phenomenology Symposium, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, May 10-12
  • "Physics where small and big things meet and where inner and outer space meet", Rosary High School, May 6
  • "Particle Physics in U.S. and Fermilab", Korean Physical Society Meeting, Apr. 22
  • Vaden W. Miles Memorial Lecture, Wayne State University, Apr. 1
  • Public Lecture, University of South Dakoda, Jan. 26
  • Keynote speaker of Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

Year 2009

  • "Physics where small and big things meet", University of Chicago, Dec. 10
  • "Plans for superbeams in U.S.", European Strategy for Future Neutrino Physics, CERN, Oct. 2
  • Gran Sasso Lab - Fermilab workshop, Gran Sasso, Sept. 9
  • Colloquium, University of Virginia, Sept. 4
  • Frontier Detectors fr Frontier Physics, 11th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors, May 26
  • APS March Meeting, Pittsburgh (Women in Physics), May 8-10
  • Colloquium, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Apr. 24
  • Lecture, Illinois Math and Science Academy, Mar. 24
  • Colloquium, Cornell University, Feb. 24

Year 2008

  • Plenary Lecture, Nov. 7, Sigma Pi Sigma Conf.
  • Public Lecture, Oct. 7, "Searching for the Baby Universe"
  • Plenary Lecture, Oct. 8, IUPAP: Inter. Conf. on Women in Physics
  • APS Apring meeting, Apr.11-15, St. Louis
    • Women in Phys: Challenges & Opportunities in a Phys. Career
  • NP08, Mar. 5-7, website
  • Fermilab Users Meeting, Jun. 4-5, website
  • Colloquium, Aug. 27, JLab
  • Seminars: CERN (Apr.8), Paris 7 (Apr.7)

Year 2007

  • Lepton Photon: Summary Talk
  • AAAS Meeting: A New Frontier in Particle Physics (website)
  • Colloquia
    • Oct. 17, University of Florida
    • March 15, Michigan State Univ.
    • April 13, Argonne National Lab.
  • Seminars
    • Maryland (Nov.28)
    • UIUC (Nov.26)
    • DESY, Germany (Nov.7)
    • The Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology, U.K. (Nov.5)
    • University of Manchester, U.K. (Nov.6)
    • Liverpool, U.K. (Nov.6)
    • U.Chicago (Oct.29)
    • Imperial College, U.K. (Oct.1)
    • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, U.K. (Oct.1)
    • Oxford University, U.K. (Oct.1)

Year 2006

  • Public Lecture: December 7, Univerwity of Texas, Arlington
  • 2nd World Summit: Physics Beyond the Standard Model: June 22-25, 2006, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; talk(ppt)
  • Moriond Conference Summary Talk: March 11-18, La Thuile, Italy
  • ILC International Workshop in Bangalore: March 8-12, Bangalore, India
  • Top quark mass and W boson mass at CDF: March 6-8, Tsukuba, Japan
  • Colloquia "E=mc2: Opening Windows on the World"
    • U. Penn, Jan. 11, website
    • University of Washington, Seattle, Dec. 5
    • University of Texas, Arlington, Dec. 7
  • Seminars:
    • LBNL, Dec. 6

Year 2005

  • "Scientific Case for Future Colliders", ICFA Seminar
  • Public Lecture
    • "E = mc2: Opening Windows on the World", August 17, 2005: Aspen Physics Lecture (See this page)
  • Public Lecture: "Modern Consequences of E = mc2"
    • June 2, 2005: Korea University
    • June 3, 2005: Taegu Science High School, Hayang Elementary, Junior High and High School
    • June 4, 2005: Namsan High School
    • Talk in Korean: ppt, pdf

Year 2004

Year 2003

  • "Summary of WIN03 Workshop", October, 2003, Lake Geneva
  • "Linear Collider Detectors and Interaction Point Options", APS/DPF Meeting, April 5-8, Philadelphia

Year 2002

Year 2001

Year 2000

Year 1999

  • "W Mass Meas. at CDF", Mar. 19, Fermilab Wine & Cheese Seminar
  • "W Mass Meas. at CDF", Mar. 5, La Thuile Conference
  • "Run II Prospects on Electroweak Precision Measurements", Report from Run II Workshop (.ps.gz and pdf)