Young-Kee Kim in the Library for Symmetry

Young-Kee Kim: Phys335 Projects

Phys334/335 Requirement for 1st year Graduate Students: Course Description
Name Academic Year Topic
Miles Wu ( 2012-2013 Muon g-2 Straw Trackers w/ Mandy Rominsky (
Alexey Kochemirovskiy ( 2012-2013 Construction and testing of straws used in tracking system of g-2 experiment w/ Mandy Rominsky (
Sergey Antipov ( 2012-2013 measurements of quench dynamics in superconducting radio frequency cavities w/ Anna Grassellino (, Alexander Romanenko (
Timofey Zolkin 2010-2011 Muon Cooling Test
Aniket Joglekar 2010-2011 Prototyping the tracking chamber for Mu2e
Yangyang Cheng 2009-2010 Studies of Pulse Shapes from the front-end electronics for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter
Ho Ling Li 2009-2010 Initial latency measurement of CPU track fitting algorithm using CDF trigger test-stand for the ATLAS tracking trigger
Robert Lanza 2009-2010 Prototyping a Laser Search for Axion-like Particles
Pierre Gratia 2008-2009 Prototyping Liquid Argon Dark Matter Detector
Wesley Ketchum 2007-2008 Diagnostic Electronics for Superconducting RF (Radio Frequency) Cavity Breakdown
Satomi Shiraishi 2007-2008 Crystal Collimation for LHC Luminosity Upgrade
Emily Conover 2007-2008 Silicon Pixel Telescope
Michael Schmidt 2006-2007 CDF Level-2 Trigger Upgrade
Wojtek Fedorko 2003-2004 CDF Level-2 Trigger Upgrade and CLIST-board testing