Young-Kee Kim in the Library for Symmetry

Young-Kee Kim

My Graduate Students
(Current and Past)

Ph.D. Program

Name Ph.D. Institution Period Thesis Topic (publications)
Matt Gordon U. Chicago 2016 - Accelerator Physics: Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Beamlines
Bipul Pandey U. Chicago 2016 - Accelerator Physics: Space Charge and Wake Field
Lipi Gupta U. Chicago 2015 - Accelerator Physics: Non-linear dynamics
Lesya Horyn U. Chicago 2015 - ATLAS: SUSY/New Particle Searches
Hardware: Track trigger FTK
Nikita Kuklev U. Chicago 2014 - Accelerator Physics: Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
Rui Zou U. Chicago 2014 - ATLAS: Higgs → invisible, Dark Matter
Hardward: Track trigger FTK
Alexey Kochemirovskiy U. Chicago 2012 - Accelerator Physics: RF cavities in high B-field
Karol Krizka U. Chicago 2012 - 2017 ATLAS: Dark Matter searches
Higgs → bb
Hardware: Track trigger FTK
Sergey Antipov U. Chicago 2012 - 2017 Beam Dynamics: Recycler Ring, IOTA
Alexander Vostrikov U. Chicago 2011-2015 Physics in ultra high quality factor in Superconducting RF
Matteo Cremonesi Oxford Univ. 2013-2014 Higgs → Single top and Higgs(-->bb) spin at CDF
Timofey Zolkin U. Chicago 2010-2014 Beam dynamics: Boost, Non-linear integrable accelerators
Robert Lanza U. Chicago 2009-2014 Holometer
Ho Ling Li U. Chicago 2009-2014 Search for W' → top + bottom at ATLAS
Satomi Shiraishi U. Chiago 2007-2013 Laser Plasma Accelerator (Staging)
Wesley Ketchum U. Chicago 2007-2012 Diboson Searches (WZ+ZZ → leptons + jets and neutrinos + jets) at CDF
Jian Tang U. Chicago 2007-2012 Top quark mass and width at CDF
Wojtek Fedorko U. Chicago 2003-2008 Top-quark mass at CDF
(dilepton, lepton+jets)
Adam Gibson UC Berkeley 2000-2005 Top-quark Mass at CDF
(Matrix Element Method, leptons+jets)
Erik Brubaker UC Berkeley 1999-2004 Top-quark Mass at CDF (Template Method, lepton+jets)
Giulia Manca Oxford University 1999-2003 Z Cross section using the dielectron channel at CDF
Greg Veramendi UC Berkeley 1998-2003 e+e- Forward-Backward Asym.
W and Z Cross Sections at CDF

Master Degree Programs

Name Instituion Period Thesis Project
Jianhuan Xiang U.Chicago 2015-2016 Higgs to 2 photos at CEPC
Yuton Pan U.Chicago 2013-2015 ATLAS fast tracking trigger simulation
Oleg Lysenko U.Chicago 2010-2011 Muon Cooling