Young-Kee Kim in the Library for Symmetry

Young-Kee Kim

2007 REU Topics for Accelerator Science:

  1. The student would participate as part of a team working on superconducting cavity and electron beam systems for potential use in future electron accelerators and colliders.

    Part of the work performed by the team includes the further development and characterization of a radio-frequency, laser-driven photo-cathode system for the generation of suitable electron beams for various accelerator research programs.

  2. Another task of the team is to produce a 3.9 GHz deflecting mode superconducting RF cavity and to measure its properties and performance. The team is also working on the development of a normal-conducting 3.9 GHz cavity for use in a beam dynamics experiment, which will require measurements of its electrical characteristics.

  3. Positron Source - end-to-end Simululation at Argonne

  4. Cavity processing parameters for a reproducible cavity gradient of 35 MV/m at Fermilab

  5. LLRF