Jonathan L. Rosner

I am a Professor of Physics in the Physics Department, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College of the University of Chicago and a member of the particle theory group. My research focuses on particle physics. For further information see my CV, or a research blurb. You can also check out my papers since 1991 from, a subset of my papers (some early ones are not included) from Spires, or a complete publication list. As of July 15, 2011, I became Emeritus. In 2013 I served as Chair of the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society. Much of my time that year was devoted to a long-range planning exercise for the US high energy physics program: "Snowmass on the Mississippi".

Courses taught since 2005:

Fall Quarter 2005: P443, Quantum Field Theory I
Winter Quarter 2006: P444, Quantum Field Theory II
Spring Quarter 2007: P363, Elementary Particle Physics
Fall Quarter 2007: P481, Special Topics in Elementary Particle Physics: Beyond the Standard Model
Spring Quarter 2008: P334, Advanced Graduate Laboratory
Fall Quarter 2008: P316, Advanced Classical Mechanics
Spring Quarter 2009: P226, Electronics
Fall Quarter 2009: P330, Mathematical Methods of Physics
Winter Quarter 2010: P472, Dark Matter
Fall Quarter 2010: P341, Quantum Mechanics I
Winter Quarter 2011: P342 Quantum Mechanics II

Encyclopedia articles:

CP Symmetry Violation (October 16, 2001)
The Eightfold Way (April 4, 2002)

Article published in NIM:

A prototype system for detecting the RF pulse associated with cosmic ray air showers (with K. Green, D. Suprun, and J. F. Wilkerson) (October 8, 2002)

Resource Letter for AJP:

The Standard Model and Beyond (January 9, 2003)

Cornell Journal Club:

Development of the Quark Model (October 31, 2003)

Summer School Lectures:

The Standard Model (Updated October, 2004)

Report at Snowmass 2005 Workshop:

Dark Matter in Many Forms (August, 2005)

Letter to EPP2010 Panel, National Academy of Sciences:

Remarks in support of flavor physics (September, 2005)

Seminar on new gauge bosons:

New Gauge Bosons at the LHC and Elsewhere (May, 2006)

Talk at symposium in honor of Jim Cronin's 75th birthday:

Uncovering the Nature of the Weak Interaction (September, 2006)
(Writeup) (October, 2006)

Colloquium at University of Chicago:

Unfinished Business in Particle Physics (March 31, 2011)

Talk at heavy flavor workshop, U. of Washington:

Heavy Flavor Topics (Feb. 6, 2012)

Talk on sterile neutrinos at Singapore conference:

Sterile neutrinos in E6 (February 2015)

Lectures on S-matrix at Indiana University:

Scattering and S-matrix (June 2015)

HEP seminar at U. of Chicago:

Multiquark Particles (April 2018)

To contact me:

Enrico Fermi Institute MCP 353
University of Chicago
5640 S. Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637-1433
Office: 773-702-7694; Fax: 773-834-2222