Reimbursements for Faculty and Postdocs

Ramona will take care of reimbursements for you. You need to add her as a delegate in GEMS so that she can create and submit your reports. Instructions for how to add someone as a delegate are below. Note: Even if you paid for your reimbursable items with your personal credit card, we have to use GEMS to reimburse you. And nothing can be done until you add Ramona as a delegate.

For each reimbursement, please send Ramona a copy of your receipts (physical or digital), the account number to use and a summary showing the total amount. If any items are in a foreign currency, it would be helpful to give Ramona both the amount in the foreign currency and the amount you were charged in dollars so that we have the correct exchange rate. Lastly, a reminder that business meals CANNOT go on federal accounts. If Ramona tries to do that, the request will automatically be rejected.

Adding a Delegate in GEMS

  • Login to GEMS
  • In the upper right corner, click on Profile and then click on Profile Settings
    Get to profile

  • Click on the Expense Delegates link in the left column
    Expense Delegate

  • Type Ramona Echols and add her as your delegate. Be sure to check the boxes "Can Prepare", "Can Submit Reports", "Can View Receipts", and "Can Approve" so that she can do these things for you.
    Expense Delegate

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