Dark Matter

The faculty members below are working on Dark Matter in KICP. Please see their webpages for more information.

Juan Collar


Juan's main interest is in the development of innovative methods for the detection for hypothetical astroparticles (WIMPs, axions, magnetic monopoles, any yet-to-be-discovered component of cosmic rays that might constitute a fraction of the 'dark matter').

Luca Grandi


Luca’s main interest is in the development of noble-liquid technology for rare event searches. He focused his research on argon and xenon two-phase Time Projection Chambers for Dark Matter searches. He recently joint the XENON-1T project after having been strongly involved from 2008 to 2015 into the design, operation and analysis of DarkSide-50.

Paolo Privitera


Privitera's group is pushing next generation UHECRs detectors, by exploring the potential of microwave emission from the cosmic ray shower, and developing a compact Fluorescence Detector. In addition, the group is preparing for a major upgrade of the Auger Observatory, which will include a giant array of scintillator detectors.

Luca Photo

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