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      In the present, the apparatus is being constructed in Japan.
      A major part of the electronics have been designed by current and previous members of our group.
      The original plan was to finish the beamline construction by 2009, the calorimeter construction by 2010, and have a complete detector system by 2011.
      By February 2011, we completed the detector and most of the calorimeter. In spring 2011, we were planning to start further testing the beamline, and then do an engineering run with a full detector in winter 2011-2012. Then, in summer 2012, we should be able to do physics run, which should exceed the Grossman - Nir bound (latest theory on the branching ratio).
      Unfortunately, our construction was damaged by the earthquake. By now, December 2011, the repairs are mostly finished, ready for installation of the remaining parts in the next month, and start operation next year.

Beamline plan:

Beamline plan

Photos from summer 2010:

Beamline photo 1

Beamline photo 2

Pictures from winter 2010-2011: (from Taku Yamanaka's presentation given at J-PARC PAC meeting, 01/14/2011)

Current stage of the beamline

Calorimeter construction

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