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      This research group targets to observe the Golden decay mode KL -> π 0 ν ν . This way, we'll either find more precise parameters of the Standard Model, or find space for new physics.

      What is truly exceptional about this decay is that it violates CP conservation. (In case you haven't heard about it, C means charge conjugation, change of a particle for its antiparticle and P stands for parity transformation, inversing the left and the right in a physical system. Therefore, CP symmetry means that the laws of physics are the same if particles were interchanged with their antiparticles and the left and the right were swapped. Until 1964, it was believed that the combination of these is conserved.)

      The Standard Model also suggests what the rate of this decay should be. In order to get the most precise results, our team at the University of Chicago is designing the electronics for the experimental device. Thanks to our cooperation with teams from other institutions, we can expect to get results that would provide us with a lot of useful information.

      If you're also interested in this topic, don't hesitate to look around this website for more details!

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