Image: First Kaon particle First V particle (1946). Just below the lead plate, in the lower right-hand quadrant, an inverted V extends to the lower right. Rochester and Butler measured the momentum of the upper particle as 300 MeV/c and determined its charge to be positive. The other (lower) particle has a negative charge (if it is moving downward) or a positive charge (if it is moving upward). From past experience, they argued, the two tracks would have to be closer together to be an electron-positron pair. The two tracks cannot be a two-track star; if they were, there should be a visible recoiling nucleus at the apex. Finally, conservation of momentum excludes a pion decaying into an electron, or a muon decaying into an electron. Since this argument eliminates the only possible alternatives, Rochester and Butler concluded that this event had to be a photographic record of a novel phenomenon: the decay of a previously unknown neutral meson.
From Image and Logic, a study of the history and practice of experimental microphysics, authored by Peter Galison and published by The University of Chicago Press.

The Chicago Conference on Kaon Physics

KAON '99

June 21 - 26, 1999
Department of Physics
The University of Chicago
Chicago, Il.

KAON '99
Office of Special Events
The University of Chicago
Chicago, Il. 60637
FAX: (773) 702-1914
Tel: (773) 702-7480

The Chicago International Conference on Kaon Physics will be held on the campus of the University of Chicago, June 21-26, 1999. This follows a series of conferences of similar emphasis, formerly held at KEK, at Frascati, and most recently at the Orsay Workshop on K Physics, in June of 1996.

The timing of this conference is such that important new results in this area can be expected from a variety of collaborations. It will also be a good time to see what new initiatives are in the offing and what theoretical predictions can be incisively tested. This is one of the nicest times of the year in Chicago, considering both the weather and the variety of indoor and outdoor activities available.

The symposium is being hosted by the Department of Physics and the Enrico Fermi Institute of the University of Chicago; Jon Rosner and Bruce Winstein are co-chairpersons of KAON '99.

In addition to the scientific sessions, all of which will be Plenary, we are planning conference receptions, a conference dinner, a concert, and an excursion.

KAON '99 is supported by the Department of Physics, the University of Chicago; and (pending) the NSF, and the DOE.

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