Recent Talks

Searches for New Physics at the Energy FrontierSummer 2015John AlisonAPS: Division of Particles and Fields, Ann Arbor MI
Jets and missing transverse energy performance in ATLAS with early Run 2 dataAugust 2015David MillerAPS: Division of Particles and Fields, Ann Arbor MI
Real-Time Flavor Tagging in ATLASSummer 2015John AlisonAPS: Division of Particles and Fields, Ann Arbor MI
New Trigger Capabilities with FTKSpring 2015John AlisonHiggs Exotic Decay Working Group: Fermilab
Boosting searches for new physics using jets and jet substructure at the energy frontierJanuary 2015David MillerExploring the Physics Frontier with Circular Colliders, Aspen Winter Conference
Experimental Studies of di-higgsOctober 2014John AlisonSummary for ATLAS+CMS, Higgs Couplings 2014
ATLAS activities in top final states and top-like exotica, boosted tops, and pile-up mitigationOctober 2014David MillerCMS Beyond Two Generations Group Meeting, Fermilab
Separating heavy bosons from background2014David MillerHeavy Boson Searches Meeting, Glasgow, Scotland
Experimental SummaryAugust 2014Young-Kee KimInternational Conference for High Energy Physics, Valencia, Spain
Searches for Signatures of R-Parity Violating (RPV) Supersymmetry Models in ATLASJuly 2014David MillerInternational Conference on Supersymmetry (SUSY 2014)
Future Short-Baseline Neutrino ExperimentsJune 2014David Schmitz47th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting, Fermilab
Light Sterile Neutrinos: Evidence and ProspectsJanuary 2014David SchmitzFermilab Academic Lecture Series: The Allure of Ultra-Sensitive Experiments, Fermilab