EFI Colloquia, Particle Physics and Accelerator Seminars - SPRING 2021

Seminars are usually held on Mondays at 3:30pm, during the regular school year.

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Particle Physics Seminars organized by: Yau Wah
EFI Colloquia organized by: Craig Hogan, Damiano Caprioli, Sav Sethi, Abby Vieregg
Accelerator Seminars organized by: Sergei Nagaitsev

Mar 29
Muon Colliders: Opening New Horizons for Particle Physics (video)
Vladimir Shiltsev, Fermilab
Apr 5
Black Boxes or Interpretable Models? Applications of Machine Learning, Symmetries, and Domain Knowledge to High-Dimensional Problems in Particle Physics (video)
David Miller, UChicago
Apr 12
4:30pm start
Searching for Muon to Electron Conversion in a Muonic Atom - Quest for new physics (video)
Yoshitaka Kuno, Osaka University
Apr 19
ANNIE: Neutron multiplicity in neutrino interactions and new technologies (video)
Vincent Fischer, Iowa State
Apr 26
Compton Gamma-ray Source Powered by a Storage Ring Free-Electron Laser (video)
Ying Wu, Duke University
May 3
First Results from the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab (video)
Tammy Walton, Fermilab
May 10
How measuring 6D beam distributions can help control losses in high power accelerators (video)
Kiersten Ruisard, Oak Ridge National Lab
May 17
Kaon physics at CERN with the NA62 Experiment (video) (slides)
Giuseppe Ruggiero, Lancaster University
May 24
Recent Neutrino Oscillation Results from the Tokai-to-Kamioka (T2K) Experiment (video)
Clarence Wret, University of Rochester
May 31
Memorial Day
University Closed
June 7
Colloquium Canceled