News from The Miller Lab

Jesse LiuKristin DonaGabe Hoshino

Paper Accepted 03/04/2022

BREAD paper [arXiv:2111.12103] accepted to Physical Review Letters (PRL)!! Congratulations to Jesse Liu, Kristin Dona, and Gabe Hoshino, along with our close collaborators at Fermilab, Andrew Sonnenschein and Stefan Knirck, and all of the other contributors to this result!


Major milestone 02/24/2022

gFEX successfully included into a run with other ATLAS subdetectors (during milestone run M12)!

Benjamin Rosser

Welcome 01/02/2022

Welcome to new group member and McCormick Fellow Ben Rosser! Ben will primarily work with Mel Shochet and Young-Kee Kim on Tracking for the Event Filter trigger system, but will also liaise with our group on topics related to the Global Event Processor (GEP) trigger system for the HL-LHC.

Emily Smith


Emily Smith integrates the gFEX Detector Control System (DCS) Project into the overall ATLAS control system!

Jesse LiuKristin DonaGabe Hoshino

Preprint Published 11/24/2021

BREAD preprint posted to the arXiv (arXiv:2111.12103) and submitted to Physical Review Letters (PRL)! Special thanks and credit to Jesse Liu, Kristin Dona, and Gabe Hoshino!

Emily SmithKristin DonaCecilia Tosciri

Congratulations 10/29/2021

First Stable Beams with gFEX! Real proton-proton collision data collected! Congratulations to Emily, Kristin, Cecilia, Raam, and Fukun!


Detector commissioning 10/29/2021

First Beam Splash events with gFEX! This is a major milestone in commissioning the system.

Jan Offermann

Conference 10/06/2021

Jan Offermann served as one of the co-conveners for the Jet Inputs session of the 2021 ATLAS Hadronic Calibration Workshop!

Gabe Hoshino

Welcome 10/01/2021

Welcome to new group member and first year PhD student Gabe Hoshino! Gabe will work on the MilliQan project for his first year experimental project as part of PHYS 335.

Emily SmithCecilia TosciriKristin DonaRaam DesaniFukun Tang

Congratulations 08/18/2021

gFEX board installed in ATLAS underground in the counting room (USA15)! Huge congratulations to Emily Smith, Cecilia Tosciri, Kristin Dona, as well as Raam Desani and Fukun Tang, who all work on this project, along with our many collaborators in the US and International ATLAS!

Liliana ValleCecilia TosciriSadie Seddon-Stettler

Welcome 06/23/2021

Welcome to new group member and UChicago REU student for Summer 2021, Liliana Valle! She will be working with Cecilia Tosciri and Sadie Seddon-Stettler on building components for MilliQan!

Kristin Dona

Congratulations 06/10/2021

PhD student Kristin Dona successfully proceed to candidacy opon completion of her second year! Congratulations, Kristin!

Emily Smith

Prize 06/05/2021

Emily Smith wins the University of Chicago Physics Department Winstein Prize in Instrumentation for outstanding work in the development or application of instrumentation! Congratulations, Emily!

Omar Beesley

M.S. 06/02/2021

Masters Degree student Omar Beesley successfully defend his masters thesis and will continue his PhD studies at the University of Washington in the fall! Congrats, Omar!

Reina CamachoMax Swiatlowski

Congratulations 05/26/2021

Congratulations to former postdoctoral scholar, now faculty at LPNHE in Paris, Reina Camacho, who has just been appointed as Convener of the Jets and Missing Energy Combined Performance Group in ATLAS, along with the current convener, Max Swiatlowski, another former postdoc and faculty at TRIUMF in Canada!

Sadie Seddon-StettlerDavid Miller

Welcome 05/16/2021

Welcome to Sadie Seddon-Stettler who has just joined the Miller Lab to work on building new components for the upgraded milliQan experiment for Run 3 of the LHC!

Kristin DonaJesse Liu

Conference 04/19/2021

Kristin Dona presents her work at the 2021 APS April Meeting Conference on building the FTS for the proposed BREAD experiment (in collaboration with Jesse Liu and other members of the BREAD collaboration)

Kristin DonaJesse Liu

Preprint Published 04/16/2021

THz Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) preprint paper (arXiv:2104.07157) posted on arXiv and will soon be submitted to the Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves! Congratulations to Kristin Dona, Jesse Liu, and Noah Kurinsky who led this effort, along with collaborators Pete Barry, Clarence Chang, and Andrew Sonnenschein


Preprint Published 04/16/2021

MilliQan future sensitivity projections preprint paper (arXiv:2104.07151) posted on arXiv and submitted to PRD! Congratulations to Matthew Citron who led this effort for the milliQan collaboration!

Kristin Dona

Paper Published 04/14/2021

Self-driving trigger paper (arXiv:2104.06622, published via the NeurIPS 2020 Workshop on ML in the Physical Sciences) with Kristin Dona and collaborators Yuxin Chen and Chinmaya Mahesh posted on arXiv!

David MillerMacallan MaedkeJan OffermannMax SwiatlowskiJoakim OlssonKristin DonaCecilia Tosciri

In the news... 04/12/2021

MIT LNS Colloquium by David Miller highlights applications of Machine Learning (ML) in the Miller Lab! Talk features work by Alex Bogatskiy and Jan Offermann on the Lorentz Group Network (LGN), past group members Max Swiatlowski and Joakim Olsson on pion identification and calibration (now also including Jan Offermann), as well as the self-driving trigger effort with Kristin Dona and Cecilia Tosciri and collaborators Yuxin Chen and Chinmaya Mahesh.

David MillerMacallan MaedkeJan OffermannMax SwiatlowskiJoakim OlssonKristin DonaCecilia Tosciri

In the news... 04/05/2021

UChicago EFI Colloquium by David Miller highlights applications of Machine Learning (ML) in the Miller Lab! Talk features work by Alex Bogatskiy and Jan Offermann on the Lorentz Group Network (LGN), past group members Max Swiatlowski and Joakim Olsson on pion identification and calibration (now also including Jan Offermann), as well as the self-driving trigger effort with Kristin Dona and Cecilia Tosciri and collaborators Yuxin Chen and Chinmaya Mahesh.

Cecilia Tosciri

Thesis Award 04/01/2021

Congratulations to postdoc Cecilia Tosciri who was awarded the Springer Thesis Award! Her thesis will be published soon!

David Miller

Conference 03/19/2021

David Miller gave two talks at the 2021 CPAD Workshop (Coordinating Panel for Advanced Detectors) on the self-driving trigger concept paper. The first talk described the concept and the result whereas the second talk focused on "What would it take to build a self-driving trigger and DAQ system?".

David Miller

Conference 03/17/2021

David Miller gave a talk at the 2021 LCWS (Linear Collider Workshop) on New developments in calorimetry as part of a relatively new effort in the group to look towards the future of instrumentation for collider-based particle physics.

Emily SmithCecilia TosciriFukun TangRaam Desani

Major milestone 03/05/2021

On Mar 5, 2021, the ATLAS Level 1 Calorimeter Trigger upgrade project for Run 3 of the LHC conducted the first fully combined readout slice, including gFEX! This is a huge milestone, and congratulations is due to Emily Smith, Cecilia Tosciri, Fukun Tang, Raam Desani who play major roles in making this success a reality!

David Miller

Welcome 03/05/2021

Congratulations to the prospective students who were admitted our PhD program in the Physics Department at the University of Chicago! We had the opportunity to welcome and talk to many of these students who were interested in working in the Miller Lab at today's Physics Open House.

Cecilia Tosciri

ATLAS Sub-Group Convener Appointment 03/01/2021

Cecilia Tosciri appointed as sub-convener for the group dedicated to assessing the JetEtMiss Performance at the High-Luminosity LHC

Cecilia TosciriMacallan Maedke

Thesis Award 01/25/2021

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Cecilia Tosciri who was just awarded the 2020 ATLAS Thesis Award for her thesis entitled " Machine Learning Applications and Observation of Higgs Boson Decays into a Pair of Bottom Quarks with the ATLAS Detector"

Raam DesaniDavid Miller

Welcome 12/18/2020

Welcome to Raam Desani as the newest firmware and electronics engineer to joint the Electronics Development Group in the Enrico Fermi Institute! Raam will be joining the gFEX effort with the Miller Lab!

Daniel ParaizoSpencer Ng

Welcome 11/04/2020

Welcome to Daniel Paraizo and Spencer Ng, two undergraduates (in Physics and Computer Science, respectively) who have joined the group to work on gFEX-related projects! Welcome!

Kristin DonaMacallan Maedke

Paper Accepted 10/30/2020

Congratulations to Kristin Dona, Chinmaya Mahesh, and Yuxin Chen, with whom our paper on "Towards an Interpretable Data-driven Trigger System for High-throughput Physics Facilities" was accepted to the Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences workshop at NeurIPS 2020.

Cecilia Tosciri

Welcome 09/14/2020

A very warm welcome to Cecilia Tosciri, a new postdoc with the Chicago ATLAS Group while will be working with us on both hardware and physics analysis!

Jesse LiuEmily SmithJan OffermannKristin DonaFukun TangMax Swiatlowski

Congratulations 08/31/2020

Congratulations to Jesse Liu, Emily Smith, Jan Offermann, Kristin Dona, Fukun Tang, and all of our collaborators (including Max Swiatlowski) on submitting 7 (!) Letters of Interest to the Snowmass 2021 process! These ranged from new ideas for axion detector technology, to self-driving trigger systems, to new approaches and impetus for jet substructure measurements and searches!

David Miller

Preprint Published 07/06/2020

New preprint on the Run 2 jet energy scale and resolution from ATLAS is out! David Miller worked together with a small team, led by collaborators Kate Pachal (Duke) and Jona Bossio (McGill), to put together this comprehensive summary of the JES/JER!

Jan OffermannMarwah Roussi

Paper Accepted 06/01/2020

Our paper on building a novel "Lorentz Group Equivariant Neural Network for Particle Physics" with Alex Bogatskiy, Jan Offerman, Marwah Roussi, Risi Kondor, and Brandon Anderson was accepted by ICML 2020!

David Miller

New Support 05/15/2020

NSF awards the UChicago ATLAS Group with a new 3-year, multi-million dollar grant for research activities, with David Miller as the PI, and Young-Kee Kim, Mark Oreglia, and Mel Shochet as Co-PIs!

Jan Offermann

Fellowship 05/15/2020

Congratulations to Jan Offermann who was awarded a 1 year DOE SCGSR fellowship to conduct research with Taylor Childers at Argonne National Lab!

Max SwiatlowskiHenry Zheng

New Results 05/13/2020

milliQan sets new limits on millicharged particles using data obtained from our demonstrator in 2018, which was installed with the help of Max Swiatlowski and for which Henry Zheng did several studies of the HV system and the pointing resolution.


New Support 03/31/2020

NSF Award notice for the first installment of the MREFC funding for HL-LHC was issued!

Kristin DonaRyan SimeonEmily Smith

In the news... 02/13/2020

Upgrades for the High Luminosity LHC are in the spotlight after NSF approves funding for the MREFC award. Several group members of the group work on projects related to these upgrades, including Kristin Dona, Ryan Simeon and Emily Smith!

Jan OffermannMarwah RoussiDavid Miller

Conference 01/15/2020

Collaborator Alex Bogatskiy presents work on Lorentz Covariant Neural Networks at the ML4Jets workshop at NYU on behalf of Risi Kondor, Jan Offermann, Marwah Roussi, and David Miller

David Miller

Promotion 12/13/2019

David Miller was awarded Tenure in the University of Chicago Department of Physics and the Enrico Fermi Institute!

David Miller

New Support 12/03/2019

David Miller and collaborator Yuxin Chen of Computer Science were awarded a funding grant from CDAC for their proposal "Towards a Data-driven Trigger System for the Large Hadron Collider" which aims to explore the concept of a "self-driving" trigger system for high energy physics

David MillerJan OffermannMarwah Roussi

In the news... 10/01/2019

The Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) features work by David Miller and Risi Kondor (CS), along with Jan Offermann, Alex Bogatskiy, and Marwah Roussi for novel neural network architectures for jet physics!

Giordon Stark

Thesis Award 08/09/2019

Congratulations to former graduate student Giordon Stark for being awarded the 2019 Springer Thesis Award!

David Miller

Design Review Passed 07/29/2019

David Miller and UChicago Particle Physics colleagues and faculty Mark Oreglia and Mel Shochet participate in a BNL Director's Funding Review at Columbia University in preparation for the NSF Final Design Review for the MREFC funding of USATLAS Upgrades for the High Luminosity LHC

David Miller

Conference 07/25/2019

Nhan Tran and David Miller organized and moderated a panel discussion on the future of 'BOOST' at the BOOST 2019 conference in Boston

Reina CamachoMiles Wu

Paper Published 07/17/2019

The first measurement of the boosted hadronic Z->bb mass using jet substructure techniques is now published on arXiv [arXiv:1907.07093]! Amazing work again with Chris Delitzsch and former postdoc Reina Camacho that grew out of Miles Wu's thesis!

Reina Camacho

Paper Published 06/27/2019

Boosted Higgs boson performance paper published on arXiv (arXiv:1906.11005)! This paper is focused in part on work done with Chris Delitzsch and Reina Camacho.

Joakim OlssonReina Camacho

Paper Accepted 06/21/2019

Our paper (with Joakim Olsson and Reina Camacho) on the search for high mass electroweak SUSY processes decaying to W and Higgs bosons (arXiv:1812.09432) was accepted by Phys. Rev. D.

Emily SmithFukun Tang

Detector commissioning 06/19/2019

Intense week of commissioning and integration of the new gFEX trigger system for Run 3 of ATLAS with Emily Smith and Fukun Tang

Benjamin RosserBen GuthrieJack HuangBen WarrenHenry Zheng

Graduation 06/14/2019

Congratulations to Ben Guthrie, Jack Huang, Ben Warren, and Henry Zheng for their graduation from the College of the University of Chicago! Best of luck in whatever comes next!

Emily SmithDavid Miller

Conference 06/12/2019

Emily Smith and David Miller present results and future possibilities for machine learning using Multi-Processor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) hardware devices at the first System-on-Chip Workshop

Jan OffermannRyan SimeonJen Jang

Welcome 06/05/2019

Welcome to new members of the group: Jan Offermann (grad student), Ryan Simeon (undergrad), and Jen Jang (undergrad)!

David Miller

Conference 05/20/2019

David Miller presents work from the group at both the SUSY 2019 (Corpus Christi, Texas, USA) and LHCP 2019 (Puebla, Mexico) conferences!


Paper Published 05/09/2019

Iterative Constituent Subtraction paper published on arXiv (arXiv:1905.03470)

Emily Smith

In the news... 05/09/2019

Emily Smith is featured in the Physical Sciences Division Spotlight

David MillerMacallan Maedke

Public Lecture 05/07/2019

2nd Annual Neubauer Lecture given by David Miller: 'Smashing Protons: Using the Biggest Machines Ever Built to Study the Fundamental Fabric of the Universe'

Shalma Wegsman Gueron

Summer Fellowship 04/04/2019

Congratulations to Shalma WegsmanGueron who was awarded the Jeff Metcalf Fellowship Grant to conduct research with the group over the summer!

Emily Smith

NDSEG Fellowship 04/01/2019

Congratulations to Emily Smith who has been offered the NDSEG Fellowship, to start in Fall 2019! Congratulations, Emily!

Shalma Wegsman GueronEmily Smith

Welcome 03/26/2019

Welcome to undergraduate student Shalma WegsmanGueron who will be working with Emily Smith on studying searching for new physics using boosted objects!

David MillerMarwah Roussi

New Collaboration 03/22/2019

Enormous thanks to the Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) for their generous funding through the Winter 2019 Data Science Discovery Grants for collaboration between Risi Kondor in the CS department and David Miller and Marwah Roussi to study jet physics with new neural network architectures!

David MillerReina Camacho

New Support 03/05/2019

Huge thanks to the Chicago France Center for their generous funding for measurements of jet substructure using machine learning at the LHC for David Miller and former postdoc Reina Camacho! Looking forward to building up this effort over the next two years!

Marwah Roussi

Welcome 02/07/2019

Welcome to undergraduate student Marwah Roussi who has officially joined the group!

Reina Camacho

Congratulations 01/23/2019

Congratulations to postdoc alumna Reina Camacho on her appointment to the ATLAS Early Career Science Board!

Macallan MaedkeDavid MillerEmily SmithBenjamin RosserBen WarrenJack Huang

In the news... 01/15/2019

Workshop on LHC Run II Analysis with Machine Learning features talk by David Miller on the work that Emily Smith, Ben Warren, and Jack Huang are doing to incorporate machine learning into the hardware triggers in ATLAS!

Emily SmithGiordon Stark

Congratulations 10/17/2018

Congratulations to the entire gFEX team, including Emily Smith, Giordon Stark, for collecting the first collision data during Stable Beams!

Joakim Olsson

Ph.D. 09/17/2018

Graduate student Joakim Olsson successfully defended his thesis (Searching for supersymmetry in Fully Hadronic Final States with the ATLAS Experiment)!

Max SwiatlowskiGiordon Stark

Paper Published 07/23/2018

Congratulations to Max Swiatlowski and Giordon Stark for publishing their report on the search for SUSY with many b-jets and jet substructure in 80 fb-1 of LHC data! (ATLAS-CONF-2018-041)

Reina CamachoDavid Miller

Conference 07/16/2018

10th annual BOOST Conference on Boosted Object Phenomenology, Reconstruction and Searches in HEP takes place in Paris, France hosted by former postdoc Reina Camacho (now permanent at LPNHE) and with a talk on SUSY Searches with Boosted Objects from David Miller.

David Miller

Outreach 07/09/2018

The 2018 Fermi Summer Interns Program in Science for local 7th graders is hosted by David Miller and Dave Schmitz (neutrinos), with a lecture on ATLAS!

Emily Smith

Welcome 06/15/2018

Welcome to graduate student Emily Smith who has officially joined the group!

Giordon StarkMax Swiatlowski

Conference 05/23/2018

Chicago students and postdocs (Lesya Horyn, Giordon Stark, Tova Holmes, Max Swiatlowski) present research and new ideas at the ATLAS Supersymmetry Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden

Giordon Stark

Ph.D. 04/26/2018

Graduate student Giordon Stark successfully defended his thesis (The search for supersymmetry in hadronic final states using boosted object reconstruction: (!

David Miller

Conference 04/24/2018

Chicago effort on designing trigger systems using new multi-processor system-on-chip (MPSoC) technology presented by David Miller at the Sixth Common ATLAS CMS Electronics Workshop for LHC Upgrades

David Miller

Outreach 04/07/2018

David Miller represents Chicago and the US LHC Users Association (USLUA) at the 2018 USA Science & Engineering Festival doing outreach with the virtual reality ATLAS RIFT system developed by Ilija Vukotic!


Major milestone 12/06/2017

gFEX passes a major milestone with a successful Production Readiness Review (PRR) and has been given the green light to begin production!

Max Swiatlowski

Paper Published 11/22/2017

First measurement of the soft drop jet mass published by Max Swiatlowski! (

Giordon StarkMax SwiatlowskiDavid Miller

Paper Published 11/22/2017

Another update in the search for SUSY in multi-b final states published by Giordon Stark, Max Swiatlowski, and David Miller! (

David Miller

Conference 10/30/2017

David Miller organizes and hosts the EFI Workshop on Data Analytics for Physics

Giordon Stark

Nathan Sugarman Award 05/30/2017

Congratulations to graduate student Giordon Stark who was awarded the 2017 Nathan Sugarman Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Research!

Miles Wu

Ph.D. 01/31/2017

Graduate student Miles Wu successfully defended his thesis: Measurement of collinear W boson emission: (

Max Swiatlowski

ATLAS Sub-Group Convener Appointment 10/01/2016

Congratulations to postdoc Max Swiatlowski who was appointed as sub-convener of the subgroup on SUSY searches in squark and gluino final states and signatures in ATLAS!

Reina Camacho

ATLAS Sub-Group Convener Appointment 04/01/2016

Congratulations to postdoc Reina Camacho who was appointed as sub-convener of the subgroup on Exotics searches using diboson signatures in ATLAS!

Reina Camacho

Congratulations 03/08/2016

Congratulations to postdoc Reina Camacho who was featured among the 7 inspiring women from the ATLAS experiment in celebration of International Women's Day 2016

Joakim OlssonDavid Miller

Paper Published 01/27/2016

Congratulations to Joakim Olsson, David Miller on publishing the Run 1 RPV SUSY Stop paper (

Max SwiatlowskiGiordon StarkDavid Miller

Paper Published 12/14/2015

Congratulations to Max Swiatlowski, Giordon Stark, and David Miller on publishing the Run 2 conference paper looking for SUSY in multi-b final states with top-tagging applied (ATLAS-CONF-2015-067)

Max Swiatlowski

Congratulations 11/22/2015

Congratulations to Max Swiatlowski on winning the 2015 US LHC Users Association Lightning Round competition!

David Miller

Paper Published 10/15/2015

Run 1 paper by David Miller on pile-up mitigation techniques published (

Max SwiatlowskiJoakim OlssonDavid Miller

Paper Published 06/30/2015

Congratulations to Max Swiatlowski, Joakim Olsson, David Miller on publishing the Run 1 RPV SUSY Multijet Paper Phys. Rev. D 91, 112016 (2015) (

Reina Camacho

Paper Published 03/13/2015

Congratulations to Reina Camacho for publishing the conference paper on the Global Sequential Calibration technique (ATLAS-CONF-2015-002)

Reina Camacho

Welcome 02/15/2015

Welcome to Reina Camacho, new postdoc in the group! She's also the new lead on the boosted Higgs tagging effort in ATLAS!


Design Review Passed 02/04/2015

Boosted object trigger for Run 3 (gFEX) Preliminary Design Review Approved!