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Tiehui Ted Liu thliu at fnal.gov
Wed Mar 23 10:35:37 CDT 2011

Mel, I can comment on DF about this on April 5th. the 8U size is not a disadvantage at all and I will explain that.

but I am biased, because I like ATCA (over VME). 


On Mar 23, 2011, at 10:05 AM, Mel Shochet wrote:

>     There are now two suggestions for moving to ATCA.  Interboard data 
> transfer in the Data Formatter crates could be made easier (the 
> alternative being fibers between boards).  The Initial Design Review 
> committee recommends that we consider ATCA for the core crates because 
> of the committee's concern about power (our 48-volt solution) and 
> cooling.  We will have to respond to this suggestion.  (A potential 
> disadvantage is ATCA's 8U vs VME's 9U size).  Could we have an initial 
> discussion of the issue at our meeting in 2 weeks (April 5)?  We could 
> hear what the DF issues are from Fermilab and what the core crate issues 
> are from someone in Italy working on the AM and associated 
> infrastructure.  Then we can decide on the next steps if any.
>                        Regards,
>                        Mel
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