[Ftk_hardware] crates

Mel Shochet shochet at hep.uchicago.edu
Wed Mar 23 10:05:58 CDT 2011

     There are now two suggestions for moving to ATCA.  Interboard data 
transfer in the Data Formatter crates could be made easier (the 
alternative being fibers between boards).  The Initial Design Review 
committee recommends that we consider ATCA for the core crates because 
of the committee's concern about power (our 48-volt solution) and 
cooling.  We will have to respond to this suggestion.  (A potential 
disadvantage is ATCA's 8U vs VME's 9U size).  Could we have an initial 
discussion of the issue at our meeting in 2 weeks (April 5)?  We could 
hear what the DF issues are from Fermilab and what the core crate issues 
are from someone in Italy working on the AM and associated 
infrastructure.  Then we can decide on the next steps if any.


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