Department of Physics, The Enrico Fermi Institute, and The College,
The University of Chicago

High Energy Physics, Room 215               Phone:  (773) 702-7446
The Enrico Fermi Institue                          Fax:       (773) 702-1914
5640 S. Ellis Avenue                                   Secty:   (773) 702-8113
Chicago, IL 60637-1433

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Burton Richter's colloquium on "Energy in the 21st Century"  Public lecture on particle physics and cosmology

Terry Wyatt's particle game (and a local copy)

  Links for women in science

The AIP Physics Career URL

The Enrico Fermi Summer Intern program for middle-school students


My Departmental Research Description

A mid-level talk on Supersymmetry searches at LEP

1999 Review of "Other Higgs" Searches

My 1998 Review of OPAL Results

My 1996 Study of GLAST SciFi Calorimetry

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