Pico-Sec Timing Hardware Workshop

Friday, November 18, 2005
at the Enrico Fermi Institute on the UC Campus
Meeting to be held in HEP Building Room 323
Access through 5620 S. Ellis

Theme: Future pico-sec Time-of-Flight detectors

Morning Chair: Karen Byrum

Morning Session: 8:30 am - 12:25 pm

08:30-09:00am Coffee and Cakes
09:00-09:20am Welcome and Introduction Karen Byrum (ANL)
09:25-10:00am New Avenues from Global Particle Identification in HEP: from 3-Vectors to 4-Vectors. Steve Mrenna (FNAL)
10:05-10:50am Timing Properties of MCP-PMT Devices Takayoshi Ohshima (Nagoya)
10:55-11:10am Coffee Break
11:10-11:35am Determining Factors and Prospects in Time Resolution of MCP-PMT's Paul Hink (Burle)
11:40-12:00pm The UC Simulation of Psec Detectors Tim Credo (UC)
12:05-12:20pm Design and Development of Digital and Analog Oscilloscopes and Transient Digitizers Marv LaVoie (Tektronix)
12:25-01:30pm Lunch Please Register

Afternoon Chair: Henry Frisch

Afternoon Session: 1:30 am - 5:10 pm

01:30-02:05pm Considerations and Designs for a System of TDC's with 1psec Resolution Harold Sanders (UC)
02:10-02:35pm Simulation of psec Electronics Fukun Tang (UC)
02:40-02:55pm Fast Timing Benefits in Cosmic Rays Simon Swordy (UC)
03:00-03:10pm QUARTIC, A TOF for ATLAS/CMS Forward Protons Andrew Brandt (UTA )
03:15-03:30pm Coffee Break
03:30-03:50pm Using MCP's for TOF - The MuCool Design and Experience Robert Dysert (FNAL)
03:55-04:15pm Applications of Psec TOF in proton and heavy-ion accelerators Peter Ostroumov (ANL)
04:20-04:40pm Medical Applications of TOF: PET Chin-Tu Chen (UC)
04:45-05:10pm Workshop Summary and Discussion Henry Frisch (UC)

Click here to view photos from the workshop.

Dinner at Cedars of Lebanon - 1206 E. 53rd St., Chicago. (773)324-6227: 6:00pm