ANL-UC-FNAL LHC Mini Workshop

ANL-UC-FNAL Mini Workshop on LHC

1:30 - 5:00 pm, Friday, January 23, 2009
Snake Pit (WH2E), Fermilab
Video: Ad Hoc IP number 85Chicago
Audio: Dial (510)883-7860, then enter 85Chicago followed by #

Time Topic Speaker / Presentation
   1:30    (5') Welcome / Introduction  
1:35    (15'+10') New Silicon and Calorimeter Technology   
for CMS and ATLAS Detector Upgrades
   Marcel Demarteau   
2:00 US ATLAS Activities in Midwest / Chicago Area

(10'+5') Operations and Upgrades
(10'+5') Computing and Analysis
(5'+5') Argonne ATLAS Analysis Center
Jimmy Proudfoot
Frank Merritt
Rik Yoshida
2:40 (10'+10') Phenomenology Carlos Wagner
3:00 (10'+10') Theory-Experiment Connection Steve Mrenna
3:20 (10'+10') Connection to CDF Rob Roser
3:40 (10') Discussion: Virtual Hallway - 24x7 3-Way Video Y2K
3:50    Wrap-up: Action Items and Plan for The Next Meeting    All

If you have any questions or want to give a presentation at this workshop, please send e-mail to Y2K.