AKPA - IBS Symposium on Special Topics in Physics

May 9 - May 10, 2014
Kersten Physics Teaching Center, The University of Chicago
(Talks will be presented at a physics colloquium level.)

Friday, May 9(University of Chicago, KPTC 206)
12:00 pm -   1:00 pm Registration, Lunch, Net working
  1:00 pm -   3:30 pm Research Centers at IBS - chaired by Jaehoon Yu, University of Texas, Arlington
    (10') Welcome and Introduction of IBS - Young-Kee Kim, University of Chicago
  (25'+10') Center for Artificial Low Dimensional Electronic Systems - Han Woong Yeom, Center Director (pptx)
  (25'+10') Center for Relativistic Laser Science - Chang Hee Nam, Center Director (pdf)
  (25'+10') Center for Underground Physics (Dark Matter and Neutrinos) - Yeongduk Kim, Center Director (pptx)
  (25'+10') Center for Axion and Proton EDM searches - Yannis Semertzidis, Center Director (pptx)
  3:30 pm -   4:00 pm Break
  4:00 pm -   5:40 pm Rare Isotope Science Program at IBS - chaired by Chueng-Ryong Ji, North Carolina State Univ.
   (25'+10') Science Overview - Ju Hahn Lee, RISP (pdf)
  (25'+10') Accelerator (RAON) Overview - Guntae Park, RISP (pdf)
  (20'+10') Potential users groups: A muon facility at RISP - Eunil Won, Korea University (pdf)
  5:40 pm -   6:00 pm Group Photo
  6:00 pm -   6:30 pm Walking to Quadrangle Club for the evening session
  6:30 pm -   9:00 pm Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of AKPA (Quadrangle Club) - chaired by Young-Kee Kim
   Welcome - Jaehoon Yu
  Congratulatory remark - Sang-il Kim, Consul General, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chicago
  Congratulatory remark - Myungjong Lee, KSEA president
  Congratulatory remark - Bumhoon Lee, Korean Physical Society
  Congratulatory remark from APS President (read by Jaehoon Yu)
  Introduction of AKPA and brief introduction of former presidents - Jaehoon Yu
      (Seyoung An, Ki-Hyun Kim, Yongwook Lee, Kwangje Kim, Youngkee Yeo, Cheungryong Ji, Eunsuk Seo)
  Commissioning of the AKPA history committee - Jaehoon Yu
  A short AKPA history and plan for history committee - Ki-Hyun Kim, history committee chair
  Remark and named scholarship donation - Ki-Uck Lee
  Appreciation plaque to Professor Ki-Uck Lee - Jaehoon Yu
  AKPA plans for KPS 100th year celebration and looking forward - Seunghun Lee
  Closing - Young-Kee Kim
Saturday, May 10 (University of Chicago, KPTC 206)
  7:30 am -   8:00 am Breakfast
  8:00 am - 10:10 am Special Topics in Physics - chaired by Yong W. Kim, Lehigh University
    (20'+5') Condensed Matter Physics, Philip Kim, Columbia University, U.S. (pptx)
  (20'+5') Theoretical Particle Physics, Bum Hoon Lee, Sogang University, Korea (pdf)
  (20'+5') Accelerator Physics, Moses Chung, Fermilab, U.S. and UNIST, Korea (pdf)
  (20'+5') Biophysics, Harold Kim, Georgia Tech, U.S. (pdf)
  9:40 am - 10:10 am Break
10:10 am - 10:40 am Special Topics in Physics (Cont.) - chaired by Eun-Suk Seo, University of Maryland
    (20'+5') Particle Physics: CMS activities in Korea, Un-Ki Yang, Seoul National University, Korea
  (15'+5') Biological Physics - Kyu Young Han, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  (15'+5') Superconducting RF cavity development at Argonne - Sang-Hoon Kim, Argonne National Laboratory (pdf)
11:15 am - 12:30 pm Panel discussion: Moving Forward - moderated by Steve Olsen, IBS and Seoul National University
  AKPA's role in connecting to physics research activities in Korea and to RISP
  Panel members:
  Saeyong Ahn, Fuzbien Technology Institute and SNU Adv. Inst. for Convergence Technology
  Woowon Kang, University of Chicago
  Kinney H. Kim, North Carolina Central
  Kwang-Je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory
  Sungwon Lee, Texas Tech University
12:30 pm -   2:00 pm Lunch and Closing