Lauren Tompkins

Compton Lectures

The 78th Compton Lectures provide a descriptive account of the discovery of the Higgs Boson. We will discuss the Standard Model of particle physics and the role of the Higgs boson, the principles of particle acceleration and detectors which produced and measured the Higgs, as well as the modern data analysis techniques which allowed the signal to be found.

Tentative schedule of lecture topics and link to slides for completed lectures are below:

[10/5] Welcome to the Theater: Introduction to the Standard Model and Higgs Boson. Slides Handout

[10/12] Accelerators: Creating particles out of (very) thin air Slides Animations Handout

[10/19] Seeing the Higgs with light Slides Animations and More Information Handout

[10/26] Guest Lecture: Martin Bauer on theory Slides Handout

[11/2] Seeing the Higgs with heavy particles Slides Handout Tour of the Atlas trackers

[11/9] Adding particles with a little help from Einstein Slides Handout

[11/16] Digesting the Data: Triggering, Data Processing Handout Slides

[11/23] Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Data Analysis and Statistics Handout Slides

[11/30] No Lecture for Thanksgiving

[12/7] No Lecture for Physics with a Bang

[12/14] What’s next for the LHC? Handout Slides