RunIIb Level 2 upgrade meetings

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L2CAL upgrade proposal review (for talks see trigger upgrade review on July 27, 2006).


Trigger Workshop (for talks see Trigger Workshop, May 12, 2006).


Overall L2 Latency, SVT fast abort and related issues (Ted, April 21,2005)

Pulsar L2 is now officially in full operation, as of April 04, 2005...

Second IRR (Installation/operation Readiness Review) (Feb. 9th, 2005. FNAL).

. Talks: (1): Introduction (Ted), ppt format ( pdf ). (2): System Overview and planning (ChengJu), ppt format . (3): Control/decision software (Daniel), pdf format . (4): PulsarMon (Wojtek), pdf format . (5): Fiber Splitter for ShowerMax status(Chris), ppt format . ( pdf ). (6): Beam Test Results: System Robustness and Timing Performance (Vadim), pdf format . (1): Summary (Ted), ppt format ( pdf ).

First IRR (Installation/operation Readiness Review) (Sept 27, 2004. FNAL): All Talks will be available from CDF WebTalks .

. Useful material for this review: Talks: (1): Project Overview (Ted), ppt format . (2): Pulsar Hardware and Commissioning experience (Burkard), ppt format . ( pdf ). (3): PulsarMon and Cluster path (Vadim), pdf format . (4): Active Splitter/ShowerMax Monitoring code readiness(Chris), ppt format . ( pdf ). (5): Algorithm CPU software (Kristian), pdf format . (6): Control/Interface software (Daniel), pdf format . (6): Final Commissioning Plan and Schedule (Cheng-Ju), ppt format .

Sixth Group meeting for L2 upgrade (June 11, 2004. Hornet Nest, High Rise, FNAL): All Talks are available from CDF WebTalks .

(1): Project Overview and System Integration (Ted), ppt format ( pdf ). (2): Pulsar Firmware Status (Sakari)( pdf ). (3): CPU/PCI readiness for integration I (Kristian). (4): CPU/PCI readiness and plan for integration II (Daniel). (5): L2toTS and plan for integration(Cheng-Ju), ppt. (6): Pulsar new VME readout status (Jane), pdf. (7): Pulsar production, muon/xtrp/L1/SVT/merger readiness and plan for integration (Burkard) ppt. ( pdf ). (8): RECES readiness and active splitter, plan for integration(Chris), ppt format. (8): PulsarMon and Cluster readiness, plan for integration(Vadim), pdf.

Pulsar Status report at CDF weekly meeting (Burkard, June 10,04):

Pulsar L2 upgrade Status Report, ppt format ( pdf ).

Fifth Group meeting for L2 upgrade (March 12, 2004. Blackhole, High Rise, FNAL): All Talks are available from CDF WebTalks .

(1): Project Overview and Goals for the summer (Ted), ppt format ( pdf ). (2): Pulsar Production Status (Harold). (3): SVT Road Warrior Upgrade status/commissioining plan (Franco/Roberto). (4): Pulsar Firmware Status(Sakari). (5): Muon/XTRP/L1T/SVT/Merger status amd commissioning plan and Pulsar production testing plan(Burkard), ppt ( pdf ). (6): Clist/Iso/SumEt status and commissioning plan(Vadim), pdf. (7): L2toTS status and commissioning plan/Pulsar S-LINK format update for the system(Cheng-Ju), ppt. (8): CPU and CPU/DAQ interface status and commissioning plan(Daniel), ppt. (9): Pulsar Readout in CDF DAQ(Jane), pdf.

PAC talk on CDF RunIIb upgrade (Dec.13, 2003):

Status of CDF RunIIb upgrade (Ted) ( pdf format)

SRC/SiliconDAQ upgrade meeting with SVX experts (Dec 04, 2003):

Initial thoughts on Pulsar in SRC mode (Ted).

Pulsar Production Readiness Review (Nov 07, 2003):

Review called by Pat Lukens . Review committee: Peter Wilson, Jonathan Lewis and Alex Cerri.

Review talks: Pulsar Design (Mircea), ppt format and Pulsar Production Readiness(Burkard), ppt format , and Review committe report, pdf format .

IEEE NSS talk on Pulsar, or on "blue wires" (Ted. Oct 22, 2003, Portland, Oregon): CDF Pulsar Project (ppt format)

CDF DAQ RunIIb internal review (Oct 13, 2003): All Talks are available from CDF WebTalks .

Pulsar Status and Plan (Ted), ppt format and Committee Report, pdf and RunIIb Trigger/DAQ upgrade baseline Plan(Kevin), pdf format

Fourth Group meeting for L2 upgrade (Oct 10, 2003): All Talks are available from CDF WebTalks .

Introduction (Bob), pdf format and Hardware Status (Burkard) ppt and Muon commissionning (Burkard&Cheng-Ju) ppt and Pulsar Firmware Status (Sakari), ppt format and L2 Decision Studies with Pulsar/PC (Kristian), pdf format and Pulsar/Computer interface Plans (Paul), pdf format and Gigabit Ethernet Update (Bob), pdf format and Summary and Plan (Ted), ppt format

SVT upgrade workshop (July 22, 2003): Possibility of using Pulsar for SVT upgrade

Talks related to using Pulsar in SVT: Introduction to Pulsar (Ted) and Using Pulsar for SVT upgrade (Alex) ; SVT workshop summary (ppt) or SVT workshop summary (ps) . All Talks are available from CDF WebTalks .

Third group meeting for Level 2 upgrade (May 16, 2003): Talks are available from CDF WebTalks

Bi-weekly meeting (April 25, 2003): news report. Talks: Data format definition: Cluster/Isolation/SVT/XTRP/L1 (Cheng-Ju) and Initial results on Gigabit Ethernet performance study (Bob) and More results on SLINK to PCI performance study(Paul).

Bi-weekly meeting (April 11, 2003): news reports summarized by Burkard. Talks: Hardware status (Burkard) and Muon/RECES data format(Cheng-Ju)

Bi-weekly meeting (March 28, 2003): news reports. Talks: SLINK format:header&trailer (Ted) and Muon data format(Cheng-Ju)

Second group meeting for Level 2 upgrade (March 14, 2003)

This is the second group meeting, organized by Joe Kroll.

Time: Friday, March 14,1-4pm.

Location: 12th floor (High Rise).

For video connection, email Joe ( and Shiela( Conference room phone number: 630-840-8736, Upenn: 215-898-7572. Yale: 203-432-5044. Speakers send talks to Ted (


First group meeting for Level 2 upgrade (Jan.30th, 2003)

This is the very first group meeting to discuss RunIIb L2 trigger upgrade plan, organized by Ted Liu.

Time: Thursday, Jan.30th,2-5pm. Group dinner at 6pm.

Location: BLACKHOLE (High Rise)

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