Systematic Sources
MC Samples Needed
Calculating Algorithm

Residual JES

  • Signal

    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-1_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-4_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-5_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-6_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-7_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-8_+/-1.0.root
  • Background templates


  • Use This Code to write out template scripts(see /cdf/s13/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/BeltBuilding_0721/systematic/JES/TMTRel/scripts)



  • In code "" set jcorrConstraint 0
Error of Error:
Nominal RMS/sqrt(3000)

Status:Done PE !


    Diffreence between:
  • ttop25 (PYTHIA, 172.5GeV/c2, 6.72M)
  • dtops0 (HERWIG, 172.5GeV, 5.6M)

Status:Done PE !

Parton Distrubution Functions

By Reweighting 46 files
Refer to Joint Physics Page
  1. Generate reweighting root files: NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS
    • Hyun did it, look at /cdf/s13/hslee/top_width/PDF_systematics/outfiles
  2. Generate reweighting files based on the above reweighting root files
    • Go to /cdf/s13/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/4.3invf/systematic/PDF/generate_reweightingfiles and use pdfweight_generate.C to generate 46 reweighting files
    • Copy these 46 reweighting files to kdewidth dir and ready to submit PE jobs, refer to in dir /cdf/s13/tangjian/TopWidth/spring2009/biascheck/myKDErelease/TMTCode/kdewidth
Just use code PDF_ana.C, the results are on the last line of output.
Error of Error:
Using bootstrap results

Status: Done PE !

B Jet Energy Scale

  1. Cal Response
    • twid15_bes0.99.root
    • twid15_bes1.01.root
  2. Semi-Leptonic BRs
    • Nominal twid15
    • weight_bsig10_csig10
    • weight_bsig-10_csig-10
  3. b-Fragmentation
    • Nominal twid15
    • sldw
    • adow
  1. Cal Response
    • Templating using a different ""(example: /cdf/s13/hslee/3rd_LJ/templating_systematics/bes/scripts)
    • Point: multiply every E or Pt related to b-quark by 0.99 or 1.01; "control file" should contain a parameter "bes 0.99" or "bes 1.01"
    • My working dir nchi10: /data/nchi10/b/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/templating_syst/bes/scripts
  2. Semi-Leptonic AND b-Fragmentation
      Generate reweighting files
    • Every templating code dir contains "BSpackage", with "BSpackage.hh","" and "", also "bfragweight.dat".
    • Compile in nchi10 machines( not in HEP machines), then copy compiled files to HEP machines(stripped twid15 files will be used)
    • reweighting files about bsig10_csig10, bsig-10_csig_-10, ado and sld will be generated.
    • Do normal reweighting PEs with these files.
Error of Error:
Standard_Formula_of_Error_Propagation X Nominal_RMS/sqrt(3000)

Status:bes0.99 & bes1.01 PE Done ! b-Frag and Semi-lep PE Done !

Background Fraction and Shape

Lepton + Jets Channel

A), Background Composition:

up & down reweight bkgd within uncertainty
  1. Wbb
  2. Wcc
  3. W + LightFlavor
  4. W + SingleTop
  5. QCD
  6. DiBoson

B), Background Shape:

  1. Q0.5(Wbb2p/Wbb1p/Wbb0p_qfact0.5_0.0.root)
  2. Q2.0(Wbb2p/Wbb1p/Wbb0p_qfact2.0_0.0.root)
  3. QCD(antiele_mistag_0.0.root)
A), Background Composition:
  1. Generate reweighting files for each kind of background
    • For each bkgd, use corresponding "CODES" to generate reweight files
    • The "up/down_1tag/2tag" values in these file are calculated from expected num of bkgd events with in uncertainty
    • use old templating codes, my working dir:/cdf/s13/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/4.3invf/templating/scripts.
      Also refer to /cdf/s13/hslee/4invf/reweighting
    • Copy these reweighting files to PE working dir
  2. PE by reweighting
B), Background Shape :
  1. QCD(antiele): Just create antiele_p23.rl from "Gen6 Data" page, and don't need to change
    Working dir: /data/nchi10/b/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/templating_syst/antiele/scripts
  2. Q^2=0.5/2.0
    Estimation--need to change "bkgdfile_MASTER"
  1. For Q^2=0.5, change "Wbb2P","Wbb1P","Wbb0P" to "Wbb2P_qfact0.5","Wbb1P_qfact0.5","Wbb0P_qfact0.5"
  2. For Q^2=2.0, change "Wbb2P","Wbb1P","Wbb0P" to "Wbb2P_qfact2.0","Wbb1P_qfact2.0","Wbb0P_qfact2.0"
  3. For QCD(antiele), change "qcd" to "antiele_mistag"
  4. NOTE: Keep others unchanged; Only change xxxx_THISJES.root NOT output_xxxx_THISJES.root !!
    PE -- Normal PE run
Error of Error:
2 X Nominal_RMS/sqrt(3000)

Status:bkgd composition PE done! bkgd Shape PE done !

ggbar Fusion Fraction

By Reweighting
    How to generate gg fusion fraction reweighting file :
  1. Dump run and event number of ggbar events from stripped twid15 file
    • Use, compile it by "Makefile" in /data/nchi10/b/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/templating_syst/bes/scripts (it doesn't compile in HEP computers, don t know why)
    • Copy the compiled files to HEP machines, because the stripped twid15 root files are there. Use /cdf/s13/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/4.3invf/templating/scripts.
    • After executing "./gg_hepgInfo", you will have 17 event files: events_file_**, also you will see calculated wight from terminal.(It is 17 since there are 17 stripped root files, which are impossible to merge using "hadd")
  2. Now ready to generate events from pure gg fusion and events not from gg fusion, out of default twid15 sample
    • Refer to /cdf/s13/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/4.3invf/systematic/gg_fraction/reweight_codes, use normal_eventsfile_generate.C to generate all events from "twid15_0.0.root"
    • Use to generate events only from gg fusion, named "gg_events_within_normal_file", and events not from gg fusion, named "normal_without_gg".
      NOTE:You have to remove the new line symbol from the last line of files "events_file_**" or any other event file. Also note that shell commands "sort" and "uniq" help a lot.
  3. Now ready to write weight for each event
    • Refer to /cdf/s13/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/4.3invf/templating/scripts, use write_weight_into_file.C to write weight 1.0 or 3.** for files "gg_events_within_normal_file" and "normal_without_gg"
    • Finally merge the two weighting files using shell command "cat", and you are done !

Now you have gg fusion reweighting files, just do PE as others

Error of Error:
2 X Nominal_RMS/sqrt(3000)

Status: Done PE !

ISR/FSR Radiation

  • dtops1 (more)
  • dtops2 (less)
Error of Error:
Using bootstrap results

Status:Done PE !

Lepton Energy Scale

  • electron
    • twid15_lese_0.99.root
    • twid15_lese_1.01.root
  • muon
    • twid15_lesmu_0.99.root
    • twid15_lesmu_1.01.root
  1. Similar to bJES, Templating using a different ""(example: /cdf/s13/hslee/3rd_LJ/templating_systematics/lese/scripts)
  2. Point: multiply every E or Pt related to e/mu by 0.99 or 1.01; "control file for electron" or "control file for muon"should contain a parameter "lese/lesmu 0.99" or "lese/lesmu 1.01"
  3. My working dir nchi10: /data/nchi10/b/tangjian/TopWidth/summer2009/templating_syst/lesemu/scripts
Error of Error:
Nominal RMS/sqrt(3000)

Status:lese0.99/1.01 & lesmu0.99/1.01 PE Done !

Multiple Hadron Interactions

MC Sample -- ttop25: Reweighting
  • nvetx = 1
    (if nvetx==1, let the weight be 1, otherwise 0)
  • nvetx = 2
  • nvetx = 3
  • nvetx >= 4
  1. Generate reweighting files
    • Use code "makeReweightingFile.C" to generate reweighting files
    • Should use the old templating files,say /cdf/s13/tangjian/templating_20081113/scripts
  2. PE using reweighting files
Error of Error:
Nominal RMS/sqrt(3000)

Status: Done PE !

Color Reconnection

Difference between:
  • ctopsd: PYTHIA, Apro, 172.5GeV, 6.72M
  • ctopse: PYTHIA, ACRpro, 172.5GeV, 6.72M
Error of Error:
Using bootstrap

Status:Done PE !

Top Mass Effect

Patterns from
  • ytkt67, 167.5 GeV
  • ttkt70, 170.0 GeV
  • ttkt71, 171.0 GeV
  • ttkt72, 172.0 GeV
  • twid15, 172.5 GeV
  • ttkt73, 173.0 GeV
  • ttkt74, 174.0 GeV
  • ttkt75, 175.0 GeV
  • ytkt77, 177.5 GeV
Error of Error:

Status:Done PE !