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plots generating

    Contour and overlap
twiFigures_95and68.C (for 68% and 95% together)

GodParents Webpage

Internal Directory


Local PE Run


Func Convolution Test


Chi2 overlap data/MC


Generate p.d.f.

estimate to generate root files of p.d.f. for plots
$ ./MakeEstimate run_normal_JES0.0.dat

Instructions for NEW top width analysis: Adding Loose Muons and Using 3D-KDE

Signal Templating

stripped files are in:

templating codes are in:

Templates Trimming

codes for trimming L+J events
just use "$make trim_lj" and it will generate exe file of trim_lj

First Estimation


New Monte Carlo Generation for Top Width Measurement


  1. Send email to David Mietlicki( )
    Include the names of your MC in the email, using naming convention of top group(ttopxx, blahblah)
    find the guide here
    check if the names are already used HERE
  2. DO NOT download the tarball from the above page; ask David to release you the tarball or just copy it from
    /cdf/spool/hslee/MC_submission/TopMCProd_v614mc_c.tar.gz (low luminosity)

    For high lumi you should ask David about it
  3. To setup the files needed for a MC sample, do the following
    In ./mcProduction/book/cdfptop/ add files with the MC name like twid15, change the name on lines of line 7(DSID), line 9(DSNAME) and line 11(MC_Process_TCL)
    In ./mcProduction/tcl/ add a file with a name like mc_Pythia_ttbar_172.5_width_0.3.tcl, at line 17 change the value of -value=(rescale with) to real_width/1.5

An Example from HyunSu