The traditional objects of study in algebra are algebraic structures such as groups, rings, and modules. However, the developments of the last decades have increasingly emphasised the subject's connections with other areas of mathematics and science, such as geometry, topology, classical and quantum field theory, integrable systems, and theoretical computing science.

Here in Glasgow, we study both classical and modern problems and questions in algebra. For more details about our staff member's interests, please follow the links below.

Schematic view of top quark production at the Tevatron

Perturbative QCD

Since the current generation of high-energy experiments use the form of perturbative expansions.

The expansion is in terms of the strong coupling (&alphas) accuracy.

Summary of measurements of the strong coupling, alpha-s

In order to produce accurate

Summary of measurements of the strong coupling, alpha-s

Research at Glasgow

In collaboration with other observe at the LHC in 2008.