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l5 and l7. Use the same format for M_{top} and M_{W}. Either italic or mathrm. * this also applies wherever these labels are uses.


l8, remove "In the SM".


l14, model -> mode.


l15, this ensures that our result …

May not need 'that' in the sentence.

l30, Delta R = changes to Delta R as you want to define the Delta R here.


page 3

l25, larger -> greater.


page 6

paragraph 2. I have trouble of reading this paragraph. 1) MC t\bar{t}. In the paper, sometimes it says MC-simulated t\bar{t}, sometime just MC t\bar{t}. It's better being consistent.


2) here, the pseudo experiments are only for mass range 159-185. In a previous paragraph, it says t\bar{t} samples are generated in range 150-240. So, what's the use of the other mass points?

When we measure top mass we may assume we do not know what the range of mass may lie in, so we choose a wide range 150-240. But after we made the top mass measurement, we got the precise value and we only need a handful of MC samples to check our measurement, and the range we choose(which is 159-185) does not necessarily have to be in line with 150-240, because it is just for bias-check.

3) line 13, I think you meant the following. The mean value of the average mass residual is corrected to zero. ("Distributions are corrected to zero" sounds not right)

Done, corrected.

4) line 17, remove "and Mcorr is the …". You have already defined Mcorr with an equation, the "which" statement is only to explain the Mmeas.


line 19.

We examine the effect of various sources of systematic uncertainties by comparing …


line 25

the additional uncertainties, which are not taken into …


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line 8-11. suggest to modify The result, M=173.9\pm1.9 GeV/c^2, is a considerable improvement of the previous measurement with the same event signature of M_{top} = 172.3 (blabla), and is in agreement with the world average of M_{top} = 173.2 (blabla). Is it necessary to repeat the citations here?