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no need of (t\bar t)



s2 l12: add comma before as expected


s2 l32: We identify jets that originate from the decay of b quarks using SecVTX algorithm. * SecVTX is the name for the algorithm. Secondary vertex, however, is generally used by many kinds of b-tagging methods.


s3l13: Selection on DPhi(MET,MPT) is a replacement of the stricter DPhi_min(MET,jet) > ? of the previous analysis .. or … change stricter to less effective, which reflects better of your latter conclusion?


s3l25: If it is referring to the tagged 3-jet sample, probably it is hard to say the ttbar is negligible. But for pretag sample, it might be.

These events are pre-tagged.

s4Table I: space between probability of jets. Events …


s5l4: space before (UE)


s5l21-22: this statement is vague.


s5l25: that employs … to construct p.d.f.s-> with a non-parametric method (a bit more specific?). no need to say p.d.f. again at the end.


p6 line9-13: this statement is too long for its purpose.

Added puctuation.

p6 line15-16: what are 1.07 and 11.5?

they are parameters from linear regression. Words added to the paper.

p7 line 11: Table II summaries all of the systematic uncertainties. The total effect of the systematic uncertainty is 0.9 GeV/c^2 for the top-quark mass measurement.


p8 line 2 (also in the captions for Figs. 1 and 2): overlaid? I am confused with this word. What exactly do you mean here?

It means the two plots are plotted together on the same graph.