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Comments from Top Group Meeting - Jan 13th, 2011

Q 1: (Tom Slide 4). What is Zjet? Do you reconstruct the z-crossing of the jet?

We use the sum->fjetZV in the topNtuple

Q 2: (Fabrizio Slide 7). Can you show this with 1 and 2 tag events?

Will show next time

Q 3: (Fabrizio Slide 7). Do you use the same tag rate matrix as all-had?

Q 4: (Fabrizio Slide 8). After NN cut, how much of your remaining background is W+jets and how much is QCD?


Q 5: (Fabrizio Slide 8). The numbers here or before or after the NN cut?

After NN cut.

Q 6: (Fabrizio Slide 9). How do you normalize the signal sample here?

We use the theoretical calculation number.(Lumi * Xsec * BScaleFactor)

Q 7: (Tom Slide 10). Pretty terrible modeling on right-hand side plots. Please rebin the bottom plots to increase stats to study better. Any commen on mis-modeling? If not, you really need to look into this more.

Q 8: (Tom Slide 15). Please add a pull plot here to verify your errors.

Here it is