Code Cooking

Create MET+Jets EventSelection from scratch:

MET+Jets Cutting Efficiency Checking: (can also checkout from depository codes)

DownLoad TopNtuple

How to Generate Original RunList file(.rl) of TopNtuple(Data/MC)

login to nchi10
source ~cdfsoft/cdf2.shrc
setup cdfsoft2 6.1.4.m
setup sam
sam list files --dim="CDF.DATASET datasetname" > datasetname.sam (where "datasetname" is like ttkt75 or gsetmi, which is the TopNtuple name)
remove unuseful info such as file sizes in the .sam file, use sam_convert.sh to generate the .rl file with full file directory added
You probably need to refer to writeout_template_lj_SAM.sh to write the 'writeout' scripts for templating

How to DownLoad MC TopNtuple to Local Machine:

How to DownLoad Data Production Files to Local Machine:

Codes Changed and Added

Event Selection References


L2 Cone simulation

    How to get .rl files
  1. ssh to nchi10, go to /mnt/autofs/misc/nchi00.home/tangjian/SAM/temp
  2. bash, then run getRL.sh to get .sam files for each sample (NOTE: use the name of production files, not TopNtuple names)
  3. with these .sam files you can now run sam_convert.sh
  4. to get corresponding .rl RunList files

    How to run L2 cone simulation
  1. ssh to fcdflnx1.fnal.gov
  2. go to /cdf/spool/tangjian/StnSL4/caf
  3. Files needed: writeout_TRIGINFO.sh,runcaf.sh,run.sh, and caf.tgz