Event Reconstruction in a nut shell
Main Events--

L+Jets channelLeptonic Tau channelHadronic Tau channel
    L+Jets events and events with leptonic Tau decay:
  • Treat them the same way since products from leptonic Tau contribute to Missing Et
  • 4 tight jets would be enough for reconstruction
    Events with Hadronic Tau decay:
  • Hadronic Tau decay produces two more jets
  • Considering that these two jets might present in the calorimeter as just "one" jet cluster, we use the leading 5 jets to reconstruct the event
Reconstruction details--

    Wjj reconstruction:
  • Reconstruct the invariant mass that is closest to the world average W mass as Wjj
    Mtop reconstruction:
  • Option 1: use the 4-vector of W boson, and another jet from the event to calculate the invariant mass of Top. (?How to choose the 3rd jet?)
  • Option 2: M3
  • Option ?