3.0 inverse fermtobarn Winter Schedule

First, the main schedule for 3.0 invf :

Main Schedule
Affairs Need to Finish by Notes
Full Status Thu, Jan 8th, 2009  
CDF Notes Mon, Jan 12th, 2009 By Young-Kee, Hyun Su and Jian
PreBlessing Thu, Jan 15th, 2009 By Hyun Su
Blessing Thu, Feb, 5th, 2009  
CDF WEEK TALK Thu, Jan, 29th, 2009  
3.2invf Reblessing Thu, Mar, 12th, 2009  

Second, details about what to be done:

Detail Schedule
Affairs Status Now Notes
Estimation and Combination Done!  
Codes Revision and PE Test Run Done!  
Full Systematic Analysis Done!  
BootStrap Done(Dec 21, 2008)  
Data Fit, Cross Check Done(Dec 22, 2008) need run num,event num for positive and negative LJ event
Bias Check Done(Dec 23, 2008)  
Data Validation Done(Dec 29, 2008)  

CDF Notes:

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Top Mass Measurement with 3invf using Template Method